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Loop walks among the most beautiful trails in East Belgium

Pleasure tours,
a true nature delight

You have the rugged landscapes of the valleys of the Our or the Amblève, the subdued atmosphere of the vast Hertogenwald forest, or the enchanting domain of the High Fens.


The most beautiful loop walks

  between 5 and 21 km

There is a hike for every hiker

  3 themes

Along the water, in the forest or on the ridges

26 hikes to be loved by everyone

The walks focus on discovering landscapes as they unfold the slow, promising pace of on foot. Listen, smell, touch.... and walk.

Let us guide you along some of the most beautiful trails in East Belgium.

Discover the forests, riversides and ridges of the Eastern Townships as the seasons go by. There's something to suit all tastes, ages and fitness levels.

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'Pleasure tours' brochure

Walking isn’t the fastest way to move but you definitly see the most! On foot, you can discover and experience the landscapes and nature at your own rhythm.

Listen, watch, smell, feel … one step after the other. In this brochure, we've compiled the most beautiful hiking trails and walking paths through East Belgium. Up hill and down dale, along the banks of the Our or Amel, moving quietly through the majestic Hertogenwald or in amazement through the unique moor landscape of the High Fens …

At any time of the year, this hiking guide shows us the beauty of nature in the woods, on the banks and shores of the rivers and lakes, and high up on the ridges of the hills. It contains walks to suit anyone's taste, for any age and fitness level. A walk doesn't have to be strenuous … first and foremost, it's a journey on foot; it can be 7 km long, or 20.

You can simply put the practical hiking guide in your rucksack or pocket. That way, you get more out of the unique landscapes, hiking paths and nature trails of East Belgium.

→ Brochure for free (only available in German, French and Dutch)

Pleasure tours in East Belgium

Hiking past wild streams, waterfalls and magnificent rock formations, with tremendous views out over the villages and a panoramic landscape in the High Fens and the Eifel – these are the pleasure tours, selected half or full-day walks through the most beautiful hiking areas in the region. At the waterside or over the hilltops – a walk in East Belgium is always a special experience. 

3 themes:

Always at the waterside

Fast-flowing streams, rivers, lakes … on the trails in East Belgium you can almost always hear the gurgle or babble of water. During the snowmelt in springtime or on the shady shores of a lake in the summer. A little stream on your right, which you can clear with a hearty leap. Walking here makes you feel wonderfully light at heart. At any time of the year.

Panoramic and hill walks

Anyone wanting to ascend the highest point above sea level in Belgium or walk through the surrounding landscapes goes to East Belgium. Far horizons, or narrow ravines whose depths attract your gaze as if by magic. These hikes take you to the most beautiful lookout points in the country: on to the plateau of the High Fens, where the landscapes extend without hindrance, in the valleys of the Warche, Our, Göhl, Weser and Amel, where the visitor is rewarded for his effort with some fabulous panoramas.

Through the woods

Beyond the last house of any village in the Ardennes, the woods are waiting. They're ubiquitous in the landscape and in the tales of the region. All you need to do to experience this wilderness is prick up your ears, open your eyes and sharpen all your other senses. A stream in Ternell that jumps over every stone and boulder, beechwoods in Schönberg where the light slants down into the greenery below as it might through the windows of a cathedral. For the hiker, the forest is and continues to be a conspiratorial, sometimes enchanted place …