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Raeren Burg 10(c)Christian Charlier

Experience the diversity of East Belgium

Discover the holiday region East Belgium, which offers plenty of variety and closeness to nature in a relatively small area. At the intersection of the linguistic and cultural regions of Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, the range of amenities is surprisingly large. 

Experience East Belgium

East Belgium inspires visitors with its nature, its breathtaking landscapes between the Eifel and the Ardennes, whilst offering countless possibilities to experience them closely. As well as the unique landscape, there are lots of destinations and attractions to discover during your holiday. 

The attractions include museums, institutions of art and culture, castles, fortresses and churches, but also some magnificent lakes and swimming pools for carefree bathing enjoyment with the whole family.

Apart from cycling and hiking, anyone wishing to stay active will find many other possibilities for doing sport and getting to know the country and its people at the same time. Well preserved monuments and landmarks bring the history of this border region to life. It is with particular pride that the inhabitants draw attention to their original products and the many traditions and regional spectacles of nature which come to life here year after year.

Each region has its own identity: in Raeren, the pottery museum resides in a moated castle. In Eupen, the capital of the German-speaking community, visitors are enchanted by the Oberstadt lined by patrician houses. Gourmets feel drawn to the inviting centre of the town, hikers to the Hertogenwald. In summer, the town of Malmedy turns into a sea of flowers. The former monastery is home to the Malmundarium, an interactive culture and visitors' centre. Bütgenbach is characterised by water and by the leisure amenities at the Worriken reservoir. The town of St. Vith stands for excellent restaurants and charming rural surroundings at the intersection between the Eifel and the Ardennes.

There's plenty to discover in East Belgium – come and see for yourself!

Burg Reuland Burgruine 05(c)eastbelgium
Burg Reuland Burgruine 05(c)eastbelgium

Discover East Belgium

Discoveries, attractions and things worth seeing

Ranges of hills with panoramic views, impressive river valleys, wild ravines, perfectly elaborated hiking, cycling and MTB trails to suit all tastes. The holiday region of East Belgium offers a wide range of possibilities to discoverers, adventurers and those who are simply looking for recreation.

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Countless leisure activities ensure fun and diversion in East Belgium

There are many opportunities that help to enjoy your holiday in East Belgium and to engage into some sport activities as you do so. Bike & skate parks, fishing, horse riding, golf and fun sport – all these things can be experiences in summer. Bathing lakes and outdoor swimming pools give you the opportunity to cool down. In winter, visitors are drawn to the ski slopes and cross-country skiing trails. And as for anyone wishing to explore all the sights and destinations in the Eifel-Ardennes region by car or motorcycle, we recommend to take the motoring routes through East Belgium. 

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