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The Venntrilogie
Venture through three unique landscapes

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The hike that takes you to
discover East Belgium

Broken down into six sections, this 109-km trail will take you on a wonderful journey. You will explore three landscapes typical of the Fens and see some of the most extraordinary scenery in East Belgium.

  3 sections

with unique landscapes

  6 stages

through the most beautiful landscapes of the region

  109 km

in the heart of nature

  1 hiking trail

marked in both directions

Discover 3 regions in the heart of Europe

The Northern Fens


The Northern Fens

Stage 1 : Three-border point Eynatten

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23,5 km
6 - 8 hours

Between graceful forests and picturesque hedgerows, meadows and orchards, discover the green hills in the North of East Belgium. On your walk you will come across numerous stiles, allowing you to move from one meadow to another. They link the hidden paths that will guide you to the destination of the day, the charming village of Eynatten.

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The Northern Fens

Stage 2 : Eynatten Eupen

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18,9 km
5 - 6 hours

On the second stage of the Venntrilogie, enjoy a last glimpse at the landscapes in the north and get ready for what will come next… In just under 19 km, you walk between villages, across meadows and into the Hertogenwald before reaching the town of Eupen.

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The High Fens


The High Fens

Stage 3 : Eupen Botrange

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24,8 km
7 - 9 hours

The longest stage of your adventure will make you hike up to the highest point of Belgium. The itinerary will show you the entire diversity of the High Fens, from the idyllic views in the Hill Valley to the vast arid landscapes of the Walloon Fens.

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The High Fens

Stage 4 : Botrange Malmedy

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19,9 km
6 - 8 hours

It’s time for the descent from Botrange, the highest point in Belgium, to Malmedy. Follow the torrents of the Fens and pass the many trees, rocks and spots that served as landmarks for locals and shepherds. On your way, you’ll see the sightseeing classics Cascade du Bayehon and Trôs-Marets.

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The Southern Fens


The Southern Fens

Stage 5 : Malmedy Robertville

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10,6 km
3,5 - 5 hours

The fifth stage of your adventure will make you climb out of Malmedy and then cross the Warche valley. Enjoy the breathtaking views on the romantic valley and walk on its rocky edges. You’ll also pass in front of the famous Reinhardstein Castle.

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The Southern Fens

Stage 6 : Robertville Butgenbach

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11,9 km
3,5 - 5 heures

To end nicely, the sixth and last stage of the Venntrilogie leads you through the pastoral landscapes between Robertville and Bütgenbach. See the Warche in all its facets whilst walking along the Lake of Robertville and then further up along the Warche.

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The Official Hiking Guide

On the VENNTRILOGIE trail, you'll discover East Belgium, a region where three cultures intersect.

Savour each moment, allow yourself to be carried away by this hike through nature and the legends and fates of imaginary and real heroes that are all part  of the story of the region. Discover all the stories around these 6 exceptional stages in this official hiking guide.

Download the guide for free here or get its paper version in every Tourist Info Center.

About the Venntrilogie

On the Venntrilogie trail, you'll discover East Belgium, a region where three cultures intersect.

Walking it, you’ll see the many ways in which these cultures interact, and we're delighted to be able to share our treasured landscape with you—step by  step. The origins of this route can be traced back to the geological formation of Fens, one of the oldest mountain plateaus in Europe. Once an island in a prehistoric sea during the Cretaceous period, Belgium's Fens are now a unique, balanced ecosystem in a central location on the European mainland. The Fens unite East Belgium- a region that is also home to some very remarkable people !

The Nothern Fens offer a welcoming combination of meadows and woods and a beautiful start to your adventure. Climb the numerous stiles along the route to move from one meadow to the next.

The High Fens between Eupen and Malmedy, with their characteristic plateaus and unspoiled nature, will transport you back into prehistory as you explore a no-man's land that still retains an air of mystery.

The Southern Fens, are where nature meets folklore. Follow the course of the Warche river to experience the very essence of romanticism in this most typical of Ardennes landscapes where water is the common thread.


In a nutshell

  • 6 stages through the region's most beautiful landscapes
  • 109 kilometres of unspoilt countryside
  • 3 Fens with unique landscapes
  • 1 signposted route in 2 directions

Frequently asked questions

Any questions ? Our experts have the answers

If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to send us an email, we will be happy to help!

You can find the GPX track at the top of this page.
The Venntrilogie is also available on the outdoor-platforms Komoot and Outdooractive.

No, the Venntrilogie is signposted in both directions. The hiking guide will however describe the trail from the Three Border Point to Bütgenbach.

The most favourable time slot is from begin April to end October. Please be aware of the nesting season in spring and the hunting season from October to December. Please find the most recent information on closed paths here:

Dogs are allowed on 5 out of the 6 stages if they are on a leash. Their company is prohibited on the stage through the nature reserve of the High Fens from Grand Bongard to Botrange, but an alternative route is signposted in situ and allows dog-owners to be accompanied by their beloved pets (on a leash).

You can physically prepare for the hike with carrying a heavy backpack on 20 km-hikes for a few days.

The trail is composed of many winding and uneven paths. Accordingly, we would advise not to take a pram on the hike. If you want to take children on your hike on the Venntrilogie, please make sure they have hiking experience and will be able to walk the planned distance. The East Belgium Tourist Agency offers several Kids on Tour-hiking tours that are adapted to the children’s needs:

Even if some parts of the Venntrilogie are accessible to cyclists, we strongly advise against cycling on the Venntrilogie, as the trail was developed for hikers. Cyclists will rather enjoy the Vennbahn cycling route or the extensive cycling route network. Further information on cycling routes:

We advise you to inform your beloved ones when you will hike which part of the trail. Moreover, make sure to download the App 112 before starting your hike: This app facilitates the contact with the first helpers and allows them to find your current location immediately. Two hospitals are in the vicinity of the Venntrilogie: the St. Nikolaus-Hospital Eupen and the Centre Hospitalier Reine Astrid in Malmedy. There are pharmacies in most cities and villages along the Venntrilogie trail.

No, there is not always phone signal available. The Venntrilogie leads through several spots such as the High Fens that lack phone signal coverage. Accordingly, we advise you to make sure that you also have access to important information offline.

With the bus : At the bus stop Bütgenbach Kreuzung, take the bus E23 to Eupen Bahnhof. Then choose the bus to Gemmenich Frontière. Once you arrive here, there are only 1.5 km left to the start of the hike. There will be signposts that indicate the footpath to the starting point. Here is a Google Maps description of this path :

With a taxi 

Carpooling : further information by the NPO Fahr Mit : (site only available in german)

Yes, absolutely. There are several camping sites along the trail that will enable you to hike the Venntrilogie stages and sleep in your tent on camp sites. Here is the list of the camping sites that are affiliated with the East Belgium Tourist Agency:

In the immediate vicinity of Eupen and the Venntrilogie, there is also the bivouac site Soor. All the information on the reservation can be found here:

Moreover, the platform offers slow travellers the possibility to rent a private garden or land property.

Please note that wild camping is prohibited in Belgium.


There are several places to eat and drink at the start and end of each stage. If you're looking for something along the path, look out for the signposts, which will tell you where you can eat near the Venntrilogie.

There are shelters on all stages of the Venntrilogie.

Besides the bus lines between Bütgenbach and the three border point, there are numerous other ways to reach the trail. The train stations of Eupen and Verviers can be reached by IC train from the stations of Liège-Guillemins, Brussels Midi and Gent-Sint-Pieters in Belgium.

East Belgium also has a network of bus routes. We recommend that you plan your bus journey in advance and check the timetables. Villages with bus stops are indicated on the signposting of the Venntrilogie.

Your comments are a great help in maintaining the quality of the Venntrilogie.

Should you want to get more involved, you can volunteer to help us maintain the trails. If you want to join our maintenance team, please contact us on

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