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Discover the traditions and diversity of landscapes in East Belgium

Typically East Belgian

Exuberant carnival celebrations, contemplative Christmas markets, the roar of the stags in the rutting season – all characteristics of a region that speaks many languages. East Belgium is marked by the beauty of its landscapes and its closeness to nature and over the centuries, quite unique customs and traditions have developed here. It's well worthwhile for holidaymakers to come and experience these right close up.

Traditions from various origins, two languages, and diverse landscapes

There are many factors that make East Belgium and its inhabitants so special. The holiday region between the Eifel and the Ardennes is thought of as the 'roof of Belgium', which is why it is often considered to be the 'mountain region' within the Belgian borders. And that is something very few of the inhabitants would argue with, for as far as conviviality, hospitality and awareness of tradition go, the inhabitants of East Belgium are not inferior to those of the Alpine regions in any way at all.

The people are particularly proud of the nature and landscape, with the unique moor plateau of the High Fens as well as many valleys, streams, rivers and lakes, which deliver vital energy and are therefore the subject of special protection. The flowering of the narcissi is a unique natural spectacle in the spring, as is the rutting of the stags in the autumn. Many wild animals are at home in these expansive wooded regions, the area of which is some 45,000 hectares (111,000 acres).

Borders have always played an important role here, and that has led to a situation in which the inhabitants have a command of many languages and thus also a high degree of cultural understanding. Traditions such as carnival, fairs and Christmas markets are upheld with affection here. Guests are very welcome. The people of East Belgium are proud of the products made here in the region. Of course these include typical Belgian products such as beer, chocolate and waffles, but also products such as trout, Ardennes ham and honey, which are made here with particular diligence and pride.

East Belgium is waiting to be discovered.