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The East Belgium Tourist Agency

The Tourist Agency

The East Belgium Tourist Agency is a non-profit organisation. Its mission is the tourism development in the holiday region East Belgium, which is composed of the municipalities of Amel, Büllingen, Burg Reuland, Bütgenbach, Eupen, Kelmis, Lontzen, Malmedy, Raeren, Sankt Vith and Waimes.

Accordingly, the East Belgium Tourist Agency has a double mission composed of touristic promotion and the development of touristic products.

In order to fulfil these challenges in the regional touristic marketing, the Agency draws on the established tools of self-edited paper publications and websites, public relations and trade-fair appearances at home and abroad. The goal is to promote the touristic charms of the entire region in order to reach an international public and to strengthen and support the touristic service providers of the region by these means.

Complementarily to the regional marketing, the East Belgium Tourist Agency organises the local touristic information through its own reception facility in the High Fens House for Tourism – East Belgium. This house covers the written replies to touristic enquiries, as well as the delivery of merchandise to the local tourist information centres.

Within the scope of touristic product development, the Tourist Agency fulfils the role of initiator, coordinator and developer of regional, intermunicipal projects. Due to the high level of competence and experience acquired in this field, the Tourist Agency is also often called on as a consulting and survey office.

Due to the border location between the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg and in order to function as a so-called "link" for the Walloon partners within Belgium, cross-border cooperation is particularly strong and extremely important for the development of the tourist region and the implementation of cross-border projects.

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East Belgium Tourist Agency
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