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Discover all the attractions of East Belgium

Nature, culture, and relaxation

East Belgium has a lot to offer. As well as a landscape which is perceived as beautiful for the very reason of its having such an unspoiled character, you will also experience the raw charm of the local inhabitants as something special. With the car tours, you can discover the country, its people and its attractions in comfort and without having to worry about the weather. Combined with the listening tours, you can learn interesting facts whenever you like, at your own pace and in accordance with your own interests.

Discover a region, its typical landscapes, hospitality, and its roots

There are many possibilities to discover the unique landscapes, hospitality and originality of East Belgium and the Eifel-Ardennes region in an authentic, informative and entertaining way. The tours and activities presented here have been put together by specialists from the fields of tourism, history and craftsmanship, and all of them offer a wonderful insight into the natural and cultural landscape of the region.

There certainly are a few surprises awaiting the visitor in East Belgium: strolling through the lanes in the towns of Eupen, Malmedy and Sankt Vith, or on a walk to mediaeval castles and past manor houses, little chapels and churches, and old farms and estates. Between the northern border triangle near Kelmis and the southern border triangle near Ouren, you can get a really vivid impression of the European spirit. Charming landscapes like the valleys of the Göhl and the Weser, the Hill and the Warche, the Amel and the Our make you keen to experience more.

The High Fens conservation area, one of Europe's last moors, entrances visitors with its uniqueness, inviting them to go hiking and cycling. The manufacturers of delicious rural products open their doors and let you into the secrets of their skills. Discover East Belgium by car, motorcycle, bus, bicycle, or on foot, with a guide or on your own. Here are all the possibilities to enjoy East Belgium!