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GR long-distance-trails in East Belgium

The GR long-distance hiking network,
Connection between regions

Explore the Natural Treasures from the Ardennes to the Eifel with our Long-Distance Trails - Unforgettable Tours Through the East Belgium.

  almost 450 km

of signposted GR trails

  20 stages

between breathtaking landscapes and natural adventures

  in the 1950s

the first GR trails were laid out in our region

On GR long-distance hiking-trails through East Belgium

GR long-distance hiking trails are long-distance hiking trails which connect up the region between the Eifel - Ardennes and the High Fens. Unlike hikes on circular routes, these tours take you over longer distances and sometimes last several days.

In East Belgium, there is a particularly dense network of GR hiking trails which are marked with red-and-white signs. The GR hiking trails lead through the most beautiful areas and to the region's most impressive lookout points.


The GR long-distance hiking network
in East Belgium


GR 56

One of Belgium's oldest GR routes - 281,1 km


This long-distance hiking trail, one of the oldest in Belgium, covers the major part of East Belgium over a distance of just over 280 km, and thanks to its variants, it offers lots of different combinations. 

It takes you through the High Fens and the Belgian Eifel, but it also ventures a detour to Monschau. You walk through woods, fields and meadows, along well and less well known rivers: on the one hand the Warche with its dams and the upper reaches of the Amel; on the other, you discover the Our, the Bayehon, the Trôs Marêt and many other streams besides.

En route, you pass through beautiful little towns and villages with magnificent houses, churches and chapels. There are even a few medieval castles on the way. It's the sum of all these little features that makes up the charm of GR56.

The other GR - Long-distance-trails in East Belgium


GR 563

Eupen → Gemmenich - 42,4 km


On its eastern trajectory, this 150-km circular route through the Herver Land does a detour through the north part of East Belgium. Winding trails, rustic farms, idyllic villages and historical estates, hospitality, joie de vivre and gastronomy characterise this region. Between Eupen and Kelmis there's a little paradise waiting to be discovered.


GR 573

Eupen → La Maison du Parc - Botrange - 22,7 km


Climbing from Liège through the Weser valley, this GR follows the Hill from Eupen right to the heart of the High Fens on what is probably the most exciting and adventurous stage. 

The finishing point of this day's walk is the Signal de Botrange, Belgium's highest point. A stage that offers the hiker a piece of genuine wilderness! Not suitable for those who prefer an easy walk.


GR 5

Burg-Reuland → Ouren - 10,7 km


It's only a short section of the well-known long-distance hiking trail from the North Sea to the Mediterranean that runs through the south of East Belgium.

This short stage is in the beautiful Our valley and can be combined very favourably with GR 56, which converges with GR5 in Burg-Reuland. A tip for nature-lovers and those looking for some peace and quiet.


GR 15

Monschau → Eupen - 21,6 km


From Monschau via Eupen into the Ardennes, ending 200 km further on in Martelange. On the first stage, one highlight swiftly follows the other. The historical town centre of Monschau, Charlemagne's Bed, the High Fens, the Hertogenwald with its wild streams, the Weser dam and, last but not least, lively Eupen, where no fewer than 3 long-distance hiking trails meet.

Signposting on long-distance hiking trails (GR)

Generally speaking, the red-and-white signs are at eye level. They may be found on trees, posts or other suitable surfaces (either painted or in the form of stickers).

Continuity of the trail

This rectangular sign measuring approx. 4.5 x 10 cm shows that you're going the right way. You can continue your walk in this direction.

Change of direction

This sign denotes a change of direction. It consists of a rectangular marking and another one below it with an arrow. The arrow points in the direction you need to take to follow the GR.

Wrong direction

This sign in the shape of a cross indicates that you are not on the right track or that you should not be going in this direction. If you can't see any rectangular signs any more, follow the trail back until you find one.

Variants of the trail

This rectangular sign with a white horizontal bar denotes a variant of the trail. This gives you the option of continuing your walk via different routes.  

→ More information http://grsentiers.org/

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En savoir plus

The GR long-distance hiking network in East Belgium

Hiking has a strong tradition in East Belgium, with the first Belgian GR long-distance hiking trails ('sentiers de grande randonnée') in this region having been created in the 1950s. Since then, a whole GR network has come to cover the region. 

The GR 56

If you want to admire the beauty and the landscape of East Belgium, you should try out GR56.

This trail runs through the most beautiful areas with the most impressive lookout points in the region. You can do loops via GR15, GR573, GR563, GR14, GR5 and the GR Tour de Vesdre, discovering East Belgium's most beautiful places. Just follow the paths with the red-and-white signs.

Few regions can boast such a dense network of trails in such a small area! At the edge of the network of hiking trails, there are plenty of hotels and guesthouses which enable the stages of the tour to be planned without any problems.