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Find your ideal accommodation in East Belgium

Find your sweet escape nest!

Extremely easy to find suitable accommodation for a family vacation or a short trip in the Eastern Townships. Here, you will discover numerous hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments, vacation rentals, campgrounds, youth hostels, and more.

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Booking your holiday in East Belgium

Here, you'll find the amenities our partners provide for your travels. Are you looking for a bit of peace and quiet? Do you prefer a more active holiday? Are you travelling with children? 

East Belgium makes a great impression from start to finish. The friendly owners of most of the family-run hotels will welcome you with their famous hospitality and many of them run cyclist and hiker-friendly businesses. They have come to specialise in exceeding the expectations of sporting guests, and quite a few hotels feature bonus wellness areas with at least one sauna, a steam bath and a spa. Above all, you'll find a warm reception and personal service. Holidaymakers with a tighter budget are also welcome. A comprehensive range of amenities are available in youth hostels and guesthouses. 

Former country houses and farms, but also modern bungalows and neat single-family houses are available as holiday houses or holiday apartments. In the holiday villages, the range of leisure amenities is particularly wide, and there is a great range of sporting facilities for children too. Anyone looking for relaxation with a touch of adventure and flexibility will find that the campsites are just right. There are lots of favourably priced offers available.

In addition to that, there are also customised package tours for hiking and cycling, offering plenty of variety and leaving no wish unfulfilled when it comes to comfort. Whatever your holiday expectations, you'll find the right amenities here.