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Walking with kids

Beavers in the river valley, animal tracks on the forest floor, a fallen tree trunk – when you're walking with children, nature becomes a playground. It's time for adventure here: on these tours for kids, fun and games are of course at the top of the list, but at the same time the children can learn lots of things worth knowing about the fauna and flora of the Eifel-Ardennes region and the High Fens.

Walking with kids in East Belgium

Not all children are enthusiastic about a hike at first go. However, when the hiking trip becomes a discovery, things look very different.

"Edutainment" stands for the combination of entertainment and education and aims to increase the motivation to learn. The hiking suggestions of the Tourist Agency East Belgium combine fun and variety, whilst ecourageing children's desire for hiking and their own initiative.

Animation to join in

Because the route of the tour is recorded on a treasure map, the children are motivated to participate. On all maps, there are photos with an arrow direction so that the children can recognise the route on their own and are thus automatically integrated into the route planning. This is fun and promotes the sense of orientation. In addition, funny game suggestions and tricky quiz questions ensure that there is no chance of boredom on the way - fun on the trail is guaranteed.

The new brochure contains 10 family-friendly tours that start at different locations. Each hike is provided with all the basic information such as tour length, altitude difference or suitability for prams. 


Advice to parents …

Who hasn't heard the following questions during a walk? "Are we going to be there soon?" "Is there still a long way to go?" Here are a few tricks to motivate your children so that all of you end the walk in a good mood …

Your children need to be able to do some mental preparation … Get the map out. Show them the route you'll be taking and the woods you'll be going through.

Prepare some games and songs to keep your children occupied when they begin to show signs of fatigue or boredom.

Present the walk as an adventure: Inspire your child to be the discoverer! It may be a good idea to take some gadgets with you, e.g. magnifying glass, binoculars, children's pocket knife …

Make sure your children don't spend the whole walk staring to the ground: surrounded by the beauty of nature, they could for example collect leaves to dry later. Or you could take some photos which the children would have pleasure looking at when you get home.

Good footwear is important. Why not give your children their first pair of hiking shoes as a present at the next opportunity? As far as the rest of their clothing is concerned, long sleeves and long trousers are obligatory. Remember to protect your child against heat, cold and the rays of the sun. Caps, sunglasses and sun cream are essential on a walk like this …

Depending on the age of the children, there should also be a colouring book with pencils in their backpack, or a camera with which this unforgettable walk can be captured on film. 


New 'Kids on tour' brochure

The new brochure contains family-friendly tours that start at different locations. Each hike is provided with all the basic information such as tour length, altitude difference or suitability for prams. 

> download the brochure for free (only available in German, French and Dutch)