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Explore the unique hospitality of hotels in Ostbelgien

Relaxation and leisure in the spotlight

The hotels in East Belgium distinguish themselves by their high-quality service and ability to make you feel at ease. Whether it's just a short hotel stay, a hiking or cycling weekend away, or a family holiday, the focus is always on relaxation. Many of these establishments offer wellness facilities, a sauna, sports facilities and a spa. The label for cyclist and hiker-friendly facilities is widespread and gives you the assurance of standardised service quality.


There's obviously history within these walls. The hotel reception is warm and welcoming. We hear that the business is family-run. The rooms have been furnished with love – and there's an aroma coming from the kitchen that makes your mouth water. In East Belgium, tradition meets modern cuisine. Small and middle-sized family restaurants from simple to luxurious are the strength of the hotel industry here. Often enough, the owner is also a skilled chef who puts the specialities of the region on the menu as the seasons change.

Autumn menus, for example, often feature game. As with the comforts the hotel offers, you can choose between good plain cooking, refined bourgeois cooking and star-rated cuisine as served, for example, at the Hotel Zur Post in St. Vith.

Talking of autumn: with the first cool days the wellness season also begins. Many hotels spoil their guests with sauna, steam bath and spa.     

All these accommodation facilities are partner facilities of the East Belgium Tourist Agency.