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The 10 most beautiful cycling routes in East Belgium

OVELO, in the heart of the most beautiful landscapes of East Belgium

Cycling in East Belgium is unbelievably varied. On this 850-km honeycomb network of cycle paths, tours can be put together quite simply in accordance with your own ideas and then embarked upon. 


The most beautiful loop tours

  between 28 and 48 km

There's something for every cycling enthusiast.

  850 km

on a signposted node network

10 of our junction node highlights

Cycling on the node network in East Belgium. 
Bike rides along the former railway lines, known as RAVeL, are highly appreciated by cyclists. But East Belgium has much more to offer to cycling enthusiasts: a wide range of routes in the heart of nature, signposted using the node system, so easy to use that navigating is child's play. Enjoy the moment!


Brochure "Ovelo - Cycling on the node network of East Belgium"

10 cycling routes between 28 and 48 km. Designed as day tours, they allow cyclists to explore the most beautiful corners of East Belgium at their leisure. Nature is everywhere, besides the High Fens, there are lakes, rivers and their valleys, and other typical landscapes to discover in the region of the Natural Park and the Ardennes-Eifel.

Ovelo cycle tours in East Belgium

For all those who do not want to plan their tour themselves, we provide Ovelo cycle tours .  

These routes have been specifically chosen to lead cycling enthusiasts into the heart of the most beautiful landscapes of East Belgium!

The network of routes for leisurely cycle touring in East Belgium is large and the cycle tours can be combined very easily thanks to the honeycomb system. For anyone not wishing to miss any of the highlights along the way, the Ovelo tours offer great possibilities to just set off on a tour without having to go into detailed planning.

The Ovelo cycle routes run via the network of the honeycomb system, on signposted cycle paths and neighbouring Ravel railway line paths such as the Vennbahn.

Cycle route planner: cycling from A to B

The honeycomb system makes it easier to plan the route and offers the leisurely cycle tourer more or less unlimited possibilities. The basis of the system is the Velotour leisurely cycle tour map in East Belgium.

With a click on the desired node on the map, the system automatically calculates your cycle tour in the network of routes. Try it yourself! It's child's play! After that, just write down the numbers of the nodes you have clicked in the right order, and you can start your cycle tour from the departure point. We recommend you to take the map of the network with you. Alternatively, you can download the route to a GPS device or transfer it to a smartphone thanks to the 'GO Ostbelgien' app. A printout of the tour is also possible.

Organise your own cycle tour with the aid of our route planner.