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Discovering the characteristic landscapes of East Belgium

History and landscape that unite

Each region, each individual municipality in East Belgium has something special to offer. The East Belgium Tourist Agency takes care of advertising and marketing for the nine German-speaking municipalities and the two neighbouring French-speaking municipalities of Malmedy and Waimes. All the municipalities in East Belgium are united by an eventful history and an unmistakable landscape.

Municipalities in East Belgium

A green belt stretches from the border south of Aachen via Belgium to Luxembourg: the cycle path along the former track of the Vennbahn connects the municipalities in East Belgium. Along this traffic-free 125-km route, visitors are surprised by the unreal vastness of the High Fens: a carpet of trembling cotton grass and bluish violet heather cover this moor, unique in Europe. 

This is followed by a chain of large lakes, which invite visitors to bathe, windsurf, or simply relax in the sun. Then again, there are castles like the one in Reuland, or valleys that seem to go on for ever in the region of the Our valley.

In the province of Liège, East Belgium doesn't just seem surprisingly large when you're on a bicycle. In the municipality of Raeren, the pottery museum resides in a moated castle. In Eupen, the capital of the German-speaking community, visitors are enchanted by the Oberstadt, lined by patrician houses. Hikers feel drawn to the Hertogenwald. The town of Malmedy turns into a sea of flowers in the summer.

The Malmundarium is an interactive culture and visitor centre, located in the former monastery of Malmedy. The municipality of Sankt Vith is known for its excellent restaurants and charming rural surroundings at the intersection of the Eifel and the Ardennes. There's a lot to discover in East Belgium – come and see for yourself!