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Made for mountain bikers!

East Belgium: Made for mountain bikers!

East Belgium looks as if it was made for mountain bikers: steep descents, valleys, plateaus, and lots of water. The place to be for all those who are up to an adventure on their mountain bike.


mountain bike tours

  over 480 km

signposted tours 

  about 400m

in altitude


Stoneman (in the region)

Mountainbiking Tours & Trails

With over 480 kilometres of trails, East Belgium is one of the largest and most beautiful mountain biking regions in Belgium.

Just about 400 metres in altitude lie between the highest point at the Signal de Botrange and the lowest point in Ouren at the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. In between, mountain bike enthusiasts are enchanted by extensive wooded areas, secluded single trails and rippling rivers.

The extensive woodlands, numerous river valleys, lonely single trails and impressive landscapes of the High Fens offer ideal conditions and countless hours of fun. 

Whether all-mountain, enduro, downhill, marathon or cross-country, everyone gets their money's worth when mountain biking in East Belgium. 

Signposting Tours & Trails

All routes and connecting trails are signposted throughout. The trails are marked with green, blue and red signs according to their level of difficulty.

The connecting routes are marked in yellow and lead in the direction of the numbered route.

Respect  - So that everything goes smoothly


○ Respect the forests.

○ Respect all visitors.

○ September to January is hunting season: follow the relevant instructions.

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Challenge yourself on the Stoneman Arduenna!

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A comprehensive network of signposted MTB cycle tours runs through East Belgium. Together, these signposted tours add up to an overall length of 480 km

Mountain bike in East Belgium

With its network totalling more than 480 km in length, East Belgium is among Belgium's largest and most beautiful MTB destinations.

The extensive woodland areas, numerous Singletrails, the valleys of the rivers Warche, Amel, Our, Weser and Hill and the hilly nature park landscape in the High Fens offer ideal conditions for countless tours with a high fun factor.

Almost 400 m of altitude separate the highest point at the Signal de Botrange (694m) and the lowest point in Ouren (+-300m) in the border country between Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. The network of routes offers both challenging tours that guarantee your calf muscles some real work, and unhurried tours for those who just want to get out and enjoy, in the midst of abundant nature.

Friends of XC can choose from 12 signposted circuits scouted by locals.