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Savor the region with delights from the Made in East Belgium Label

Short links – high quality

Under the label 'made in East Belgium', holiday guests will find a large number of products from regional producers. These are made with particular diligence and find their way to the consumer by short routes. Ham, chocolates, bread, game pâté, sausage, coffee or schnapps – the range of products is very varied.

Visits to production facilities

Many excellent products with the quality label "Made in Ostbelgien" are made in East Belgium. In some cases it is possible to visit the production facilities. For example, anyone who would like to know how original Ardennes ham, Bellevaux beer or Peak beer is made can avail themselves of the best opportunity by paying the respective facility a visit


Products « Made in Ostbelgien »


The trademark 'made in East Belgium' stands for high-quality products from East Belgium made in harmony with nature, which find their way to the consumer by short routes. From the producer, via the processor to the distributor, as many protagonists from the region as possible are involved in the added value chain. The project currently lists 30 producers and 10 sales partners as members. Many of them are enterprises that you can visit, and where you can enjoy a typical food product or drink from the region.

You'll find all the information about producers and products 'made in East Belgium' here.

Products 'made in East Belgium'

East Belgium has many fascinating aspects. A wonderful landscape, quality-oriented small and middle-sized enterprises and a high standard of living are just as much part of this as a marked pleasure in enjoyment. The regional products from East Belgium reflect the outstanding quality of the work, the culture of the people and their skill as craftsmen.

With the trademark 'made in East Belgium', the German-speaking community is aiming to increase the regional added value and support these enterprises in marketing their products and services.

'Made in East Belgium' stands for high-quality regional products, which find their way to the consumer by short routes.

This doesn't just promote the reputation of the region. Close relationships between producers and consumers help to strengthen the economy, ensure jobs in the region, enhance the regional identity and preserve the cultural landscape for future generations.

The focus at first is on the food sector, the catering industry and the timber-processing industry. Later on, the trademark will gradually be extended to cover other sectors too. At the 'Haus für Tourismus', outstanding products 'made in East Belgium' are on show. Guests can obtain information there and also have the chance to purchase regional products and gift hampers.