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Holidaying on a caravan park or campsite in East Belgium means relaxing in natural surroundings with just a touch of adventure. It goes without saying that you shouldn't have to do without all your creature comforts. Many campsites in the holiday region of East Belgium also have swimming pools, sports facilities and entertainment for kids in the summertime. Camping holidays in East Belgium – that means personal service and accommodation in the midst of nature.

Campsites & mobile home parks in East Belgium 



The woods are close by, and so is the play area. Trees provide shade for your tent or caravan. In the evening, you can make a camp fire in one of the designated areas on the meadow.  

Hot chips can be bought from the campsite's own chip shop, and it's not only the children's eyes that light up. Holidays on the campsite mean holidays out in the open with just a touch of adventure. Of course it goes without saying that you shouldn't have to do without all your creature comforts. So features like a whirlpool or heated swimming pool are by no means rare.

On many campsites, hosts entertain the children in the summer months with a mixed programme of games. Sometimes, an adventure playground provides the same services. And as for the adults, well, they can get out and enjoy a game of boules, with that distinctive clacking sound.

All these accommodation facilities are partner facilities of the East Belgium Tourist Agency.

Holidays in the heart of nature

For 24 years, the Hoekman Melaard family has spent their holidays at the same campsite in the heart of East Belgium.

Isn’t going to the same holiday destination every year a bit… boring? 

Not according to the Hoekman-Melaard family. 

Three generations of this charming Dutch family have already visited Camping Hohenbusch in Burg-Reuland every summer. This charming family let us share their wonderful holiday for a day.