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Hiking with dogs. What do I have to bear in mind?

Discovering breath-taking landscapes whilst hiking through forests and along the water with your dog... Doesn’t that sound amazing? Hiking tours in Ostbelgien are a blast for everyone, man's best friend included.

Here’s where you can hike with your dog and what needs to be considered in the process. Moreover, we’ll recommend some excursion activities. This is how your hiking trip will become an unforgettable experience.

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Where can I go hiking with my dog?

Hikes and walks with dogs are possible in most of East Belgium’s country sides.

Nonetheless, the presence of dogs is strictly regulated in the High Fens nature reserve. The goal is to protect nature for the benefit of its plants and animals.

Despite these rules, many walks are still open to your dog, as long as it is kept on a lead. Please pay attention to the signs in situ and check out our informative "High Fens" map, which gives you an overview in which areas of the High Fens dogs are allowed. This map is available at all tourist information offices in East Belgium and can be downloaded here. You can also find a full list of authorised walks with your dog in the High Fens.

Dogs are allowed on all GR-long distance hiking paths.

What should keep in mind whilst hiking with my dog?
Dogs must always be on a leash!

In order to choose the right hike, it is important to pick it according to a length that not only fits one’s own, but also the dog’s fitness. This ensures both of you will have a good time in nature.

In order to have a relaxed walk, touristic points of interest like lakes for instance should be avoided on days with a high number of visitors in the respective areas. The hiking route planner NodeMapp provides you with lots of alternative routes.

As dog owners, you are responsible of keeping the paths and hiking trails clean. We therefore recommend you to always carry dog waste bags.


Pleasure Tours - Enjoy nature in the company of your dog

The Pleasure Tours lead you along the water, up to panorama viewpoints and through vast forests. Here’s an overview of the Pleasure Tours that will also be a delight for your dogs:

To which points of interest can I take my dog?

It can be great to take your dog on an excursion. Here are some places where your dog is very welcome:

Overnight stay with dog

Which hotels in East Belgium are open to dogs?

  • Hotels
    Find here the list of the accommodations that allow an importance to the wellbeing of both humans and pets:
    Which hotels in East Belgium are open to dogs?
  • B&B's
    Dogs are welcome not only in hotels, but also in B&Bs. Here are some B&Bs in which you and your dog could relax after a long hiking tour:
    Which B&Bs are open to dogs?
  • Holiday homes
    Holiday homes offer lots of space and are thus perfect for families with dogs. Here’s an overview of holiday homes that are going to welcome you and your dog with open arms:
    Which holiday homes are open to dogs?

Dogs are also allowed in most of East Belgium’s holiday villages and campsites.


Would you like to find out more on the topic?

The East Belgium Tourist Agency wishes you and your pet a great stay in the hiker’s paradise East Belgium. We will gladly give you some more advice on your hiking trip. Find our contact form here.

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