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Weser Dam


Four kilometres from the centre of Eupen, an enormous concrete wall rises up above the confluence of the Weser and the Getzbach: the Weser dam, built in the years 1936-1942 and 1946-1949. Including its anchorage, the dam wall is 63 metres high, with a dammed water level of 57 metres. The water from the Weserbach, the Getzbach and the Hillbach all flows into this reservoir. When it is full, the surface area of the water is 126 hectares (311 acres). The reservoir supplies Eupen, the Pays de Herve, the country around Liège and the domain of Sart Tilman with drinking water. The water is not pumped, but flows under its own weight all the way to Seraing. Even in dry years, an average drinking water supply of 71,500 m3 can be guaranteed. The immediate vicinity is supplied with electricity by a small hydroelectric station built at the foot of the dam wall, the annual output of which is 3 to 4 million kilowatt hours.

To prevent the water from getting contaminated, the whole of the catchment area is under protection. In recent years, the Weser dam has developed to become a destination for excursions on account of the many leisure amenities, and it is especially popular with hikers and cyclists. Fans of technology are very keen on the educational water trail. Climbers also get their money's worth, because the former lookout tower has been given a new function as a climbing tower.

To regain your strength, it's a good idea to visit the bistro and restaurant "Weser Dam Visitors' Centre". The view out over the lake and dam from the terrace is stunning. Apart from that, the younger visitors can enjoy themselves in the large playground.


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Weser Dam
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