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Reinhardstein Castle

Place :Waimes

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At the time when Count Franz-Georg von Metternich-Ochsenhausen sold Reinhardstein Castle in 1812, its fate seamed sealed, as it was only used as a stone quarry. 150 years later, Professor Overloop was delighted about what had remained of this building. In 1970, he started rebuilding the ruin stone by stone. He used similar buildings in the adjacent Eifel as a model. Nowadays, Reinhardstein Castle is back on its rocky promontory and surveys the area, just as it did in its times of prosperity.

Inside the castle, one could visit a considerable collection of furniture, weapons and tapestry.

General information

 Animals accepted
Entrance : 9 - 11€

Offers / proposals

Free entrance for children younger than 6.

Information about opening hours

Guided tours only: week-ends, official holidays and during the belgian and dutch school holidays: every hour from 11 am to 4 pm.
Beyond these days: Wednesdays at 2:30 pm.
Group tours upon request all year.



Contact details

Reinhardstein Castle
Chemin de Chêneux 50
4950 Waimes

T. +32 80 44 68 68

E. info@reinhardstein.net
W. http://www.reinhardstein.net