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Ovelo - Meadow landscapes between Weser and Göhl

Walking · Raeren

Woodlands give way to open pastures in the undulating area to the north of the Weser. It is only in Kelmis located on the German border that you cycle along the edges of the vast Aachen forest.

Raeren is the only large place on your cycle tour. That has to do with the heyday of ceramic art in earlier centuries. Images of sprawling pastures with grazing cows will accompany you on your way to Lontzen. The milk obtained is processed at the dairy in Walhorn in the eastern part of the region, which you will also pass on this cycle route loop. The hedgerow landscape is less distinct here. Old orchards can be seen here and there. Most of the time, the route provides unimpeded views, allowing you to gaze into the distance.


At the edge of the path you will come across some crosses and chapels dedicated to St. Brigida, the traditional patron saint of cattle. From Lontzen, you make your way in a northerly direction to Hergenrath and Hauset, where some climbs await you. The lookout tower of the border region rises above Aachen forest. You then cycle on through several areas at the edge of the forest until Raeren comes into view and the Osthertogenwald forest begins.

Follow the cycle route nodes: 30> 45> 31> 32> 33> 22> 21> 20> 9> 15> 17> 18> 27> 29


Pottery museum in the restored moated castle. Raeren was famous for its ceramic art all over Europe between 1500 and 1850.


  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 30.9 km
  • Duration 2:08 h.
  • Highest point 135 m
  • Lowest point 145 m

Geographical location

  • Country Belgium
  • Region Région Wallonne
  • Province Verviers
  • Municipality Kelmis


  • Difficulty Medium
  • Stamina
  • Experiential value
  • Landscape
  • Highest point 326 m
  • Lowest point 199 m
Recommended season

Safety advice

Always ride carefully on public roads.

Recommended equipment

  • Helmet
  • Sportswear
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Roadworthy bike
  • Drinking bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain protection
  • Camera

Further information and links

Raeren: Haus Zahlepohl, Burgstraße 105, T +32 87 852 964

Lontzen: Hubertushalle, rue de Limbourg, 280, T +32 87 657 945

Hauset: Bäckerei Kockartz, Kirchstraße 66, T +32 87 639 480


East Belgium Tourism Agency

Hauptstraße 54

4780 St.Vith

T +32 80 227 664



Start of the tour

Raeren pottery museum


  • DD 50.679741 , 6.117159

End of the tour

Raeren pottery Museum


Follow the cycle route nodes: 30> 45> 31> 32> 33> 22> 21> 20> 9> 15> 17> 18> 27> 29

By public transport




Please use Google Maps.


Free parking at the pottery museum, Burgstrasse 113, 4730 Raeren

Arriving by train, car or bicycle

Follow the instructions!

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