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Culture, landmarks & memorial sites in East Belgium

Where the cultures meet

If you go on a discovery tour in East Belgium, you will notice the diverse range of cultural attractions. Visit the region's three border points and celebrate Europe with us, travel back in time to the knights and feudal lords who lived in the region's castles and experience the region's industrial history at first hand. Discover memorials and former battlefields of the World Wars. East Belgium's museums also offer a varied mix of history, arts and crafts and modern art: you can get an impression of them in our film on regional museums.

Industrial heritage

East Belgium's mining industry was characterised by zinc and slate.

Three border points

The European spirit is particularly alive where national borders meet.

Memorial sites

Memorials and landmarks of the World Wars and in particular the Battle of the Bulge '44/45.


East Belgium offers a great range of tourist attractions and museums for young and old

Both nature-lovers and those more interested in culture and history will find what they're looking for here.

The slate gallery in Recht has developed to become a veritable magnet to the public. In the Herba Sana health garden in Elsenborn, at the foot of the High Fens nature reserve, visitors can find out everything they need to know about the mysterious world of medicinal plants. 3 km in length, the planets walk in Sankt Vith aims to make the vastness of the solar system easier to comprehend. As well as the treasure chamber with numerous sacred art treasures, the former monastery of Malmedy is home to three other museums, which are dedicated to carnival and to the manufacture of paper and leather.

On the German-Belgian border, the Ardennes Culture Boulevard with the largest exhibition of church cribs and staged antique dolls provides an interesting cultural and entertainment amenity. The exhibition Ars Tecnica, also housed there, one of Europe's first model railway layouts under complete digital control, makes not only children's eyes light up.

For visitors who wish to gain a comprehensive insight into the history of East Belgium, there is the Museum of Regional History in Sankt Vith, the "Stadtmuseum" and the IKOB Art Museum in Eupen, the Göhl valley museum in Kelmis, the historical collection of Lontzen and Herbesthal ... whilst anyone wanting to obtain an overview of Belgian beers is spot on at the beer museum in Rodt. It's not just a matter of being able to admire the numerous bottles and beers there; many of them can also be tasted, while the children have a good romp in the neighbouring playground.