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Hasselpath memorial



Second World War memorial
Rocherath, in the direction of Wahlerscheid. The way to the memorial of the Second World War is signposted.

Tour with information panels.

The section of woodland known as the 'Hasselpath' and the nearby villages of Rocherath and Krinkelt were regarded as a crucial link in the Ardennes offensive. There were fierce battles between German and American troops here in December 1944. The troops based in this woodland area included the 99th US Infantry Division, a unit with 10,000 young, inexperienced soldiers. The other units referred to them as 'battle babies'.

On a short 800-m hiking trail, which leads into the wood on the left 100 m after the information panel, nine information panels paint a vivid picture of the trenches in which the soldiers took cover with their machine guns and mortars. Trenches and the remains of bunkers, combat areas and field hospitals still bear witness today to the events of that time.


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Hasselpath memorial
Rocherath, Hasselpath
4760 Büllingen