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Lady Chapel and Recht war memorial


At the crossroads in the centre of the village of Recht there is a procession chapel, which was erected in 1784 in honour of the Mother of God. Inside, there is a wall relief in slate, depicting St. Odilia. She is honoured as the patron saint of eyesight, since she was born blind but regained her sight on being baptised.

Adjacent to the procession chapel, a memorial was erected to the victims of the two World Wars who came from Recht. Rather striking is the life-sized angel by the artist S. Norga, who is depicted writing the names of the victims of the First World War. Two other stone tablets record the names of those killed in action, those who had gone missing, and the civilian victims of the Second World War. Moreover, in front of the memorial, a plaque was erected for two men killed in action in the war of 1870/71.


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Lady Chapel and Recht war memorial