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Slate galleries - Recht

Place :Recht

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The village of Recht was shaped by quarrying and stonemasonry from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century. Slate (Rechter Blaustein) was extracted from quarries above ground here for a very long time.

In 1890, the Margraff brothers from Recht decided to establish a lower tunnel alongside the upper one. This lower tunnel was reopened by Schieferstollen Recht VOG in 2007 and has since served as a visitor mine.

Over a distance of 800 meters, visitors can explore the mysterious world of blue rocks with large, impressive mining halls. During an exciting tour, visitors learn about the peculiarities of the regional geological history and the challenging and dangerous work of miners deep underground.

Last admissions at 4 p.m.
Closed on Mondays (except public holidays). 

Additional Information:

Constant Temperature: 7°C
Sturdy footwear and warm clothing are recommended
Accessible for people with disabilities
Parking available (Entrance road: Zum Bergwerk, 4780 Recht / St. Vith)
Dogs are not allowed in the tunnel 

Opening hours

Mon -
Tue 10.00 h to 17.00 h
Wed 10.00 h to 17.00 h
Thu 10.00 h to 17.00 h
Fri 10.00 h to 17.00 h
Sat 10.00 h to 17.00 h
Sun 10.00 h to 17.00 h

General information

 Accessible for prm
 People in wheelchair
 Persons with reduced mobility
Entrance : 5 - 8€

Offers / proposals

Group price (from 15 people): €7 No charge for children <5 years. 5-15 years: €5, >15 years: €8. Audioguides.



Contact details

Slate galleries - Recht
Zum Schieferstollen 31
4780 Recht

T. +32 80 57 00 67 +32 479 63 48 75

E. info@schieferstollen-recht.be
W. http://www.schieferstollen-recht.be