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Reuland Castle ruin

Place :Burg-Reuland


The castle at Burg-Reuland is among the most beautiful and largest castle ruins in the Ardennes. It was built in the 12th century and continued to be a powerful entity right on into the 18th century. Today’s ruin complex still measures 55 by 65 m, and that is just a small part of the former castle. The mighty walls which used to surround the outer courtyard, extending all the way down into the Ulf valley, no longer exist.

The Burg-Reuland listening tour gives visitors an impressive insight into history and life around Reuland Castle. A free app, narrated by locals, retraces its history. Visitors can thus obtain an inspiring picture of the colourful life people led in and around the castle. For example, they can find out how the castle well both made a contribution to its defence and supplied the residents with water.

The ruin is owned by Belgium’s German-speaking community and is a listed building. In the castle’s information pavilion, part of which is made with stones from the 17th-century residential building, its history is clearly set out. The items on show include finds from the archaeological excavations on site. In both pictures and words, the small exhibition documents the excavation and restoration work and provides an overview of the castle’s owners and inhabitants. Moreover, the exhibits include illustrations of ancient documents and seals.



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Reuland Castle ruin
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