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Unique hedgerow landscapes

The municipality of Lontzen

Beautiful village centres, manor houses, churches, railway and mining history among unique hedgerow landscapes

The municipality of Lontzen is composed of the villages of Lontzen, Herbesthal and Walhorn with Astenet. The restored village centres with their beautiful buildings and harmonious architecture are well worth a visit.

The surrounding countryside is characterised by exceptional hedgerow landscapes with many hiking trails, hollow lanes and vantage points. A walk through Lontzen takes you past remarkably beautiful 18th-century granges made from typical grey stone. It is also worth stopping off at the church. The former stately home of Lontzen is situated in the Schlossstrasse. Lontzen is home to a collection on the history of the “Freie Herrlichkeit Lontzen” (fiefdom), featuring documents and pictures of mining which was once of great significance here. Herbesthal is very closely linked to the history of the railway. The Prussian border station Herbesthal was the first in Europe.

From the 14th to the 18th century, Astenet was a major pottery centre. Some magnificent houses such as the Château Thor with its harmonious shapes and timber framing from the 18th century originate from this era. The stately home Schloss Mützhof on the opposite side is a building dating from the 17th century. A little further on, you will come to a small chapel.

The Chapel of Caterina-von-Siena was erected in 1968. Inside it there is a statue of the saint. In Walhorn, numerous beautiful houses and granges around the picturesque church catch the eye. The solid construction of the buildings from grey stone bears witness to the typical rural style of architecture in and around Eupen.


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