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Cultural, conference and exhibition centre

The municipality of Sankt Vith

Cultural and business centre, destination for gourmets and hiking enthusiasts

When the “Triangel” was opened, the municipality of Sankt Vith acquired a new status as a cultural, conference and exhibition centre. For decades now, the region has boasted an exceptionally wide range of hotel and restaurant businesses of all categories, including one of the best restaurants in Belgium. The “Büchelturm” tower is the only historical landmark which has been preserved in a town destroyed again and again during the wars. A historical tour of the town leads visitors through these tragic periods.

The region of Sankt Vith is a recreation paradise for hikers and also for mountainbikers who will find their Eldorado in the MTB park with over four kilometres of slope routes. The section of the large Ravel cycle trail from Waimes to Sankt Vith, on which an attractive crossing of this beautiful countryside can be made, is a further highlight. Another trail called the “Planet Route” enables hikers to become acquainted with the vastness of our solar system and the size of the individual planets in relation to one another.

In the slate gallery in the village of Recht, visitors are taken back to the mining of bluestone and are immersed in the day-to-day lives of the hard-working population of the 19th century.

The region around Sankt Vith offers attractive activities for your stay at all times of the year. The Rodt ski hut, which is also an interesting beer museum, is the ideal spot for long sessions of cross-country skiing (with skiing equipment hire) in the winter. 


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Municipality of Sankt Vith
Hauptstrasse 43
4780 Sankt Vith
Tel. +32 (0)80/280 100
Fax. +32 (0)80/228 001


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