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A municipality with an unusual history

The municipality of Kelmis

An incredible history

Already well known in the Roman era due to its zinc mine, Kelmis became the neutral territory of Moresnet after the defeat of Napoleon. This village is the origin of the zinc association “Vieille Montagne”. The museum provides an account of the history of the neutral territory of Moresnet and the zinc industry. The central feature of the entire exhibition is zinc ore, its use and its impact on the environment.

Since the merging of the municipalities, the municipality of Kelmis has been composed of the villages Kelmis, Hergenrath and Neu-Moresnet. The history of Neu-Moresnet is linked to the history of Kelmis by the zinc industry, whilst Hegenrath is home to the castle “Eyneburg” and the old lime kiln. Walkers can explore this northernmost municipality of East Belgium on beautiful hiking tours through woodland and meadows. This varied and hilly landscape, in which traces of bygone days can be found, is very popular.

A variety of themed hiking tours are offered, departing from the “Casinoweiher”, opposite the museum. From May to September, calamine flora blooms in all its splendour on the heaps. The carnival in Kelmis is very well known. On the Monday before Lent (“Rosenmontag”), thousands of tourists ocme together here to see the carnival procession of the municipality.

Families will be in for a wonderful treat: three large playgrounds, an indoor swimming pool, an educational farm, a lookout tower and the giant maze near the point at which the borders of three countries converge. And all these features are in the immediate vicinity of the hiking trails.


Further information:

Kirchplatz 2a
4720 Kelmis
+32 87 63 98 43

Opening hours:
Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9 am to 12 am.
In July and August, it is also open on Sundays from 9 am to 12 am.


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