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Between a cathedral, a monastery and the High Fens

The municipality of Malmedy

Experiences of culture and nature – a cathedral, a monastery and the High Fens

The little town of Malmedy is characterised by the cathedral with its treasure chamber and the monastery buildings housing the new culture and tourist centre “Malmundarium”. Here there are a great number of interesting things to find out about history and the region. In addition, visitors can enjoy periodically changing art exhibitions as well as a leather, paper and carnival studio, all of which provide an account of the important traditions of the town.

The town centre is ideal for a stroll and guests can enjoy the hospitality in the cafés and restaurants. The immediate proximity to the High Fens makes Malmedy an ideal starting point for long hiking tours in this unique natural paradise. Hikes near Bellevaux, the village with the oldest house of the region (1592), are very appealing, with detours to the rocks “Rocher de Falize” and “Rocher de Warche” and the only microbrewery in Belgium. Mountain bikers will also find what they are looking for on the hilly courses around Malmedy.

Malmedy has also experienced a fateful history. The Museum Baugnez ’44 is regarded as one of the best and most interesting on the subject of the Ardennes Offensive. The little town of Malmedy in the Ardennes enjoys inviting visitors to traditional festivals, particularly to the famous carnival. They are also welcome to see the Giant Omelette event where the chefs of the town fry 10,000 eggs in a huge frying pan, or to come to the annual flower and garden festival in the spring. Moreover, the town marks its national holiday on 21st July with a large folk festival to which visitors flock from near and far.

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