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The southernmost municipality

Municipality of Burg-Reuland

Idyllic walks along the Ulf and Our

In the southernmost part of East Belgium, on the Ravel hiking and cycle trail from Oudler to Auel – very popular among families –, outdoor pursuit enthusiasts in the Ulf valley can enjoy the view of the quaint houses and the castle ruins of Burg-Reuland, a village typical of the layout of the Middle Ages, lying at the foot of a mountain spur.

The Church of St. Stefanus, erected in 1771 and extended in 1912, houses a tomb of black marble slate (17th century) as well as a baroque altar and confessionals dating from the 18th century. Continuous renovation work has been carried out on the castle ruins, constructed between the end of the 10th and 18th centuries.

From up here, you are rewarded with a panoramic view of the village and the luxuriant green surroundings of the valley. Finds from archaeological excavations and an exhibition on the history of the structure are on display at the castle. The red brick building of the former station of Burg-Reuland is a striking feature.

Here there is a wonderful panoramic view of the surrounding hills of the romantic valley. Weweler is a hamlet on a rocky hill above the confluence of the Ulf and Our rivers. The white tower of the Chapel of St. Hubertus can be seen from a long way off, standing out against the lush green of the hilly countryside.

In Ouren, in the Our valley, hikers and nature enthusiasts will find a veritable paradise in the region where the borders of Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg meet. Ouren has received the European Environmental Award. This is also the site of the Europe Monument in honour of the founding fathers of the European Union.


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