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Meadow trails and historical buildings

The municipality of Raeren

European cultural heritage of pottery in a hiking region with historical buildings, castles and fauna and flora rich in species

The Greater Municipality of Raeren, composed of Raeren, Eynatten and Hauset, is located just 10 km from the city centre of Aachen. Numerous hiking trails lead through these various villages, enabling ramblers and hikers to discover exceptional meadow paths and remarkable historical buildings. The 125-km Ravel route linking Aachen with Luxembourg takes you through Raeren via its old station to Monschau and Sankt Vith.

It is also home to Raeren Castle dating from the middle of the 14th century, which has accommodated the pottery museum since 1963. The museum presents an overview of the history of Raeren stoneware and has been awarded the European Cultural Heritage Seal. Picturesque granges, manor houses and numerous old, overlapping little houses are grouped around the parish church and the two moated castles in Eynatten.

The entire area is listed as being under protection on account of its special character. The village of Hauset lies by the little river Göhl. The fauna and flora in the Göhl valley is particularly rich in species, some of which are under landscape protection. The largest part of the imposing railway bridge “Hammerbrücke”, dating from 1843, is on Hauset territory. At the border crossing “Köpfchen” the two border control huts are evocative of Europe as it once was.

Today, the village is an international meeting point for nature, art and music enthusiasts.


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Municipality of Raeren
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