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Restaurant Esprit Sain

Place :Malmedy


Fresh and healthy ingredients for "an unpretentious cuisine that brings out the best of the good ingredients by preparing them in the style of the house and presenting them aesthetically", says the head of the house.

The ambience combines old architectural elements with a modern setting. The colours are warm, the rooms are bright and the tables are lovingly laid. The positioning of the tables is chosen in a way to enable the guests to enjoy the wonderful view of the Place de Rome.

Bon appetit!

Opening hours

Mon -
Tue -
Wed 18.00 h to 21.30 h
Thu 12.00 h to 14.00 h and from 18.00 h to 21.30 h
Fri 12.00 h to 14.00 h and from 18.00 h to 21.30 h
Sat 18.00 h to 21.30 h
Sun 12.00 h to 14.00 h and from 18.00 h to 21.30 h

General information

Indoors seating capacity  : 60
Categories :  Restaurant
Culinary specialties :  Local cuisine, Euopean cuisine, French cuisine, Game in season
 Wifi internet access
 Conditioned air
 Open on sundays
Methods of payment : 
 Bank card
 Credit card

Offers / proposals

Menus from 30-40 €.

Information about opening hours

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Annual holidays: 1 week in March and July, 3 weeks in October.



Contact details

Restaurant Esprit Sain
Chemin Rue 46
4960 Malmedy

T. +32 80 33 03 14
F. +32 80 77 03 38

E. info@espritsain.be
W. http://www.espritsain.be