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Bike Park Eupen

Place :Eupen


The Bike Park is a downhill trail, which is 700 metres long and comprises three downhill runs. It is accessible for all cyclists at all times. The park does however have some rules. These are displayed on 3 panels mounted nearby the trails. Motorised vehicles, for instance, are prohibited.

Great importance was attached to ensuring that the Bike Park has a variety of uses. To this end, there are various trails with different degrees of difficulty. The aim of the park is to provide both motivated beginners and avid professionals the opportunity to demonstrate and improve their mountainbike and BMX skills. 

The mountainbike trail at the Ochsenalm can be used free of charge. The trail was constructed with the support of the German-speaking community, Eupen Cycling Club, Eupen Sports Federation and independent mountainbikers in the district of Hütte. Biker Pierre-Charles Thomas from Xhoffraix was one of the first to try out the complex. This trail biker, who is among the best in the world, was full of praise for the versatility of the trail.



Contact details

Bike Park Eupen
Hütte (Ochsenalm)
4700 Eupen

T. +32 (0)87/55 34 50

E. info@eupen-info.be
W. https://eupenlives.be/de/51-bike-park-huette