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Stage 1
The start of a formidable adventure

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From the three-border point to Eynatten

Between graceful forests and picturesque hedgerows, meadows and orchards, discover the green hills in the North of East Belgium. On your walk you will come across numerous stiles, allowing you to move from one meadow to another. They link the hidden paths that will guide you to the destination of the day, the charming village of Eynatten.

  23,5 km




  172 m


  223 m


Discover the beauty of East Belgium
on your way through nature

Useful information

Is the starting point accessible by public transport?

Yes, the bus stop Gemmenich Frontière is located at 1.5 km from the starting point of the Venntrilogie, the way between the bus stop and the starting point is signposted. The bus stop « Gemmenich Frontière » can be reached by bus from the train station in Eupen.


Download the official hiking guide of the Venntrilogie for free or get its paper version in the tourist information point in Eupen or other spots along the trail.


Hiking shoes, hiking clothes

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed on a leash.


50.753468, 6.021101

Adress for your GPS:
Route des Trois Bornes 99, 4851 Plombières

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Degree of difficulty

The difficulty of this stage is moderate. It does not present particularly technical sections, but demands a relatively good fitness level due to its length. The stiles can be quite narrow and thus difficult to pass with big backpacks.


172 m
223 m

Time needed

  6-8 hours

From the three-border point to Eynatten

Downhill from the three-border point


From the three-border point to Eynatten

Downhill from the three-border point

The adventure starts at the three-border point where the borders of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet. Start in the heart of Europe and set out for the Preusswald. With each of your steps, you relive the fascinating history of this area and discover remnants of the former micro-state of Neutral Moresnet.

The Hohnbach valley


The Hohnbach valley

Walk through a fairytale forest and find the placid Eyneburg Castle, follow the waters in the vibrant Hohnbach valley and admire the many daffodils that cover the landscape in bright yellow colours during spring. Spot the remnants of the mining industry in Kelmis as you walk past abandoned mines and with a little luck, take a look at the calamine violet that only grows on zinc-containing ground.

Across meadows to Eynatten


Across meadows to Eynatten

Many a stile let you walk from meadow to meadow and then under the impressive Hammerbrücke (Hammer Bridge) until you end up at the source of the river Göhl. After walking along bourgeois houses, manors and castles, you reach the beautiful church of Eynatten and with it the end of the first stage of the Venntrilogie.


Signage on the Venntrilogie Trail

The Venntrilogie Trail has been carefully signposted in both directions by informative, easy-tounderstand signs.

They’re situated at the main junctions and provide all the information you need. You'll also find more signs to guide you as you move along the trail.

  1. The colour of the signboard indicates the section of the VENNTRILOGIE.  → green = The Fens Foothills North → brown = The High Fens → blue = The Southern Fens 
  2. Direction arrow    
  3. Distance from starting point / total length
  4. Walking direction  → "▼S" : Signage direction south → "▲N" Signage direction north
  5. Interim destinations → __▼__ = on the track →  .....▼ = nearby
  6. Distance to the interim destination
  7. Available services at the intermediate destination
  8. Signage (nodal points) to reach the intermediate destination & direction arrow




The Official Hiking Guide

On the VENNTRILOGIE trail, you'll discover East Belgium, a region where three cultures intersect.

Savour each moment, allow yourself to be carried away by this hike through nature and the legends and fates of imaginary and real heroes that are all part  of the story of the region. Discover all the stories around these 6 exceptional stages in this official hiking guide.

At your service. Tourist Information Offices in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions ? Our experts have the answers

If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to send us an email, we will be happy to help!

You can find the GPX track at the top of this page.
The Venntrilogie is also available on the outdoor-platforms Komoot and Outdooractive.

No, the Venntrilogie is signposted in both directions. The hiking guide will however describe the trail from the Three Border Point to Bütgenbach.

Dogs are allowed on 5 out of the 6 stages if they are on a leash. Their company is prohibited on the stage through the nature reserve of the High Fens from Grand Bongard to Botrange, but an alternative route is signposted in situ and allows dog-owners to be accompanied by their beloved pets (on a leash).

The trail is composed of many winding and uneven paths. Accordingly, we would advise not to take a pram on the hike. If you want to take children on your hike on the Venntrilogie, please make sure they have hiking experience and will be able to walk the planned distance. The East Belgium Tourist Agency offers several Kids on Tour-hiking tours that are adapted to the children’s needs: http://www.ostbelgien.eu/en/walking/walking-with-kids

Even if some parts of the Venntrilogie are accessible to cyclists, we strongly advise against cycling on the Venntrilogie, as the trail was developed for hikers. Cyclists will rather enjoy the Vennbahn cycling route or the extensive cycling route network. Further information on cycling routes: www.ostbelgien.eu/en/cycling

We advise you to inform your beloved ones when you will hike which part of the trail. Moreover, make sure to download the App 112 before starting your hike: https://www.112.be/fr/app. This app facilitates the contact with the first helpers and allows them to find your current location immediately. Two hospitals are in the vicinity of the Venntrilogie: the St. Nikolaus-Hospital Eupen and the Centre Hospitalier Reine Astrid in Malmedy. There are pharmacies in most cities and villages along the Venntrilogie trail.

No, there is not always phone signal available. The Venntrilogie leads through several spots such as the High Fens that lack phone signal coverage. Accordingly, we advise you to make sure that you also have access to important information offline.

Yes, absolutely. There are several camping sites along the trail that will enable you to hike the Venntrilogie stages and sleep in your tent on camp sites. Here is the list of the camping sites that are affiliated with the East Belgium Tourist Agency: https://www.ostbelgien.eu/en/stay/all-accomodation?theme=105

In the immediate vicinity of Eupen and the Venntrilogie, there is also the bivouac site Soor. All the information on the reservation can be found here: https://botrange.be/bivouacs/zone-c-la-soor/

Moreover, the platform www.welcometomygarden.be offers slow travellers the possibility to rent a private garden or land property.

Please note that wild camping is prohibited in Belgium.


There are shelters on all stages of the Venntrilogie.

Your comments are a great help in maintaining the quality of the Venntrilogie.

Should you want to get more involved, you can volunteer to help us maintain the trails. If you want to join our maintenance team, please contact us on venntrilogie@ostbelgien.eu.