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Vieille-Montagne Museum


The destiny of the village of Kelmis is inseparably associated with zinc ore, which was mined there for centuries. The mining of the ore and the production of zinc were strongly influenced by the Vieille-Montagne mining company. The museum is in the company's former directorate, built in 1910. Right next door to that was the station at the end of the 1.9-km-long railway line 39 A from Moresnet to Neutral-Moresnet. Today, the entrance to the museum is in the former station building.
The exhibition documents the history of mining in Kelmis and the unique political and social life in Neutral-Moresnet. In the interactive museum on two floors, visitors can travel back into the enigmatic past of the village of Kelmis with the aid of audio guides.


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Vieille-Montagne Museum
Chaussèe de Liège 278
4720 Kelmis

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