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Spring, a time of awakening

Discover spring by hiking

Hiking during spring. Nothing is more relaxing and beautiful than enjoying the beautiful nature of East Belgium. Experience how nature wakes up between the singing birds and the blooming meadows in one of the most beautiful regions in Belgium.

Discovering spring by bike

The temperature is rising, the birds are singing, fields and meadows are in full bloom. No season is as attractive for cycling as spring. Get on your bike and enjoy the most beautiful cycling routes in East Belgium. Whether by racing bike, city bike or mountain bike - there is a suitable offer for every type.

The awakening of nature

The return of the gentle weather gives our nature the signal that it can start working again. The many different landscapes that East Belgium combines in a relatively small area allow you to admire the phenomenon of spring from every angle.

Daffodils in bloom

The rich soil of the Hohnbach valley turns the forests yellow with wild daffodils for a short time. In the meadows along the Holzwarche, too, the daffodils bloom in impressive numbers, forming a veritable sea of flowers. You can experience this phenomenon in the valleys of the Holzwarche, the Warche, the Jansbach, the Olef, the Perlbach and the Hohnbach. 
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The blossom of spring

The natural spectacle is not only daffodils though. In the High Fens, you can see very typical peat plants such as the common cottongrass and the hare's-tail cottongrass. At the end of spring, they form white fluff balls and give a cheerful touch to the moor. On the zinciferous soil in Kelmis grow zinc violets (Viola calaminaria), rare yellow flowers that bear witness to the industrial past of the place. Trees are also blooming everywhere and people are putting out the flower boxes again. A walk through the villages and towns of East Belgium becomes a unique experience.

Vibrant springtime

If you know where to look, you will discover a fascinating world full of life. Bees buzz around and are busy pollinating flowers. This is how they multiply (and produce the most delicious honey!). The butterflies leave their cocoons and fly around with their bright colours, to the delight of young and old. Little animals such as hedgehogs and bats hungrily wake up from their hibernation and prepare to reproduce. Migratory birds that have spent the winter in the southern hemisphere return to the sunny East Belgium. The herds of cows are in the meadows again, and the young calves can play in the grass for the first time.

A world of water and wildlife

Temperatures are rising, the frozen water starts to flow again. The rivers and streams of East Belgium are filling with water and life. For some, this means only one thing: the fishing season is back! From the 3rd Saturday in March onwards, the time has come to cast your rods again in East Belgium. Anglers will find ideal conditions in the region's many wild streams, lakes and ponds.

A true fisherman's paradise

East Belgium traditionally stands for a great variety of species, which is due to the excellent quality of the water. Whether carp, pike or perch - you will find many different types of fish here. At the same time, the breath-taking natural landscapes of East Belgium provide a fantastic background and invite you to enjoy the peace and quiet and relax. In our fishing brochure you will find all the information you will need for your next angling trip. From permits and bans to clubs and events, tips, addresses and information on fishing licenses and fish species, everything is listed here.  

Fish and gastronomy

Delicious specialities For those who prefer to see the fish on their plates, we have some good news: local fish, especially trout, are prepared by local chefs as the ultimate delicacy! Whether you are a more conventional eater and love trout "meunière", or you are looking for more modern variations and preparations of trout, you will find it all extra fresh in our quality restaurants.

Traditions & Events in the springtime

After Carnival and the big bonfires, we have bid a proper farewell to winter. Now comes the time for something new, something exciting. The spring calendar is full of traditional moments, handed down from the Christian tradition, ancient civilisations and modern developments.

The Passion Play

After Lent, Easter is already around the corner. For many villages, this means preparing the Passion Play, a theatrical reconstruction of the Passio Christi. Villages such as Schönberg are known in the region for their production of the play.

The Kirmes

The return of spring also signals the start of the funfair season everywhere in East Belgium. More than just carousels and other attractions, these events are often the highlight of village life; each year local associations get together to organise unforgettable celebrations that bring young and old together. They often include fixed programme items, such as dances and traditions, which can vary from village to village.

The May Night


Spring is a season of life and love. In East Belgium, a very romantic tradition goes hand in hand with this: the May Night. According to tradition, on the last night of April, bachelors go from door to door to sing their passion to their sweetheart. The beautiful song from the 19th century exists in Walloon and German. The men are often on the road all night, giving their beloved a decorated tree or a bouquet of lilies of the valley. If the serenade was good enough, the young women can let the singers in for a drink and something to eat. With the return of the good weather, all kinds of events are organised.