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Soon in East Belgium:
the Venntrilogie


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Overview of the Venntrilogy

Thanks to the Interreg V project "RANDO-M", a new trail is being created in East Belgium. The Venntrilogie is a long-distance hiking trail, linking some of the most beautiful landscapes in our region in six stages. The trail was born out of our deep and abiding love of nature. The trail leads you over 109 km through the three distinct natural landscapes of the Fens. 

Ready to find out more? The signposting of the trail is currently in progress. If you would like to be one of the first hikers to explore this route, please register on this page. We will keep you informed about the progress of the project and provide you with all the tools you need to test the route. 





The route

At the heart of the Venntrilogie: the Fens. The Fens are a mountainous region that emerged from the prehistoric European sea some 100 million years ago. At that time, the Eifel and the Ardennes were still under water. Imagine a gigantic mountain without a summit after countless centuries: this explains the presence of the three different landscapes that form the Fens and make hiking in the region so interesting. 

The Venntrilogie consists of three sections, the High Fens, the Southern Fens and the Northern Fens, all of which are characterised by a diverse and lush nature. Each of these three passages consists of two full-day stages


The Northern Fens are charming:


The forests, the small meadows, the cows with their calves, the picturesque hills and the abundance of light and greenery make the hike a joyful experience. 

The adventure begins at the Three Border Point, located north of Eupen, in a landscape of meadows and hedges. You will go from one to the other thanks to the many stiles that dot the route. Discover a pastoral landscape marked by history, as evidenced by the numerous remains of the past. You can also explore the dense Hertogenwald forest, which leads you to Eupen. 

There are two full-day stages: from the Three Borders to Eynatten (24 km) and from Eynatten to Eupen (18.9 km). 


The High Fens

are truly unspoiled. Hundreds of small paths criss-cross an ancestral territory that has never been inhabited - nature in all its authenticity.  

Two full day stages of pure nature await you between Eupen and Malmedy. The Venntrilogie takes you back to prehistoric times, a no-man's land that is still a mystery today. At the pace of your steps, experience a nature that is sometimes benevolent and sometimes harsh, and live an unforgettable hiking adventure. Discover the historic trails, passing through such hiking highlights as the Helle Valley, the Bayehon Waterfall and the adventurous Trôs-Marets Valley. 

Hike through this unique landscape in two full-day stages: from Eupen to Signal de Botrange (24.8 km) and from Signal de Botrange to Malmedy (19.7 km).


The Southern Fens

are powerful. Where nature meets folklore to the rhythm of the river Warche. Deep forests, ravines and castles give the hike a flavour of adventure. Water is the main theme of these hikes.

From Malmedy, the romantic Warche Valley opens up to you, offering spectacular views and a profound nature experience. From the Warche ridge, plunge into the valley and admire the hidden castle of Reinhardstein. Continuing up the Warche and along the Robertville Lake, you will arrive at the end of the Venntrilogie, the friendly village of Butgenbach. 

The route has two full-day stages: from Malmedy to Robertville (13 km) and from Robertville to Butgenbach (8.8 km).


On our magnificent Venntrilogie you will discover more than just a magnificent display of nature. Everywhere in East Belgium you will find the multi-faceted history of a continent that is perhaps also the history of the region itself. 

Welcome to the Venntrilogie in the heart of Europe - we wish you a lot of fun on your hike!