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Important notes and closures of hiking and cycling trails

All closures are always indicated in our hiking and cycling route planners.


Advice on the hunting season

  • The hunting season in East Belgium starts on October 1st. This means that hikers and bikers will not be allowed to access specific areas and routes on certain dates due to hunts taking place. In order to support you in route planning and to avoid conflict situations, the East Belgium Tourist Agency has equipped

    the hiking route planner www.ostbelgien.eu/en/walking/hiking-route-planner and
    the cycle route planner www.ostbelgien.eu/en/cycling/cycle-tour-planner with up-to-date warnings.
  • It is very easy to use: With a click on the red button "Closures & occurrences" you can check which closures and conditions are reported on a specific day. The route management system then shows on the map whether and where a special event such as a hunt, another type of closure or a natural event is taking place.
  • On the map, these events are highlighted in colour and by clicking on the marked zone, you can find out which event is taking place on that precise spot. Thus, hike or bicycle tours can be prepared accurately, and the closed areas can be avoided.
  • Caution: All available hunting areas and hunting dates have been registered and encoded by the Tourist Agency East Belgium in cooperation with the responsible forestry offices. Entries are subject to change. In any case, the respective warnings (signposted) on site must always be followed.

> Further information about the hunting season in East Belgium

Overview on closed paths and general construction work

Due to the floods 2024 in East Belgium and their consequences (landslides, damage to nature and infrastructure,...), some zones and trails have to be temporarily closed. The following places are affected: 

  • Steinbach & Eschbach (Eupen): landslide : closure of the trails around these brooks.
    Routes concerned: Ovelo routes 02 & 03; hiking network: junctions nodes 38, 21, 87, 98, 93; Velotour network: junction nodes 46, 11, 28.

More closed paths due to construction work:

  • Vennbahn: An overview of the current construction works can be found HERE.

These closures are also indicated in our hiking and cycling route planners.