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The summits of the Ardennes

Ovifat - one of the highest villages in Belgium

The village of Ovifat lies on the southern slope of the fen plateau, 4 kilometres from the highest point in Belgium, the Signal de Botrange at 694 metres. This region features characteristic rubble-work houses, most of which are surrounded by tall beech hedges. With Reinhardstein Castle, Lake Robertville, the skiing area and numerous mountain bike and hiking routes, this place has a markedly touristic character. Ovifat is at an altitude of 615 metres above sea level, which makes it one of the highest villages in Belgium.

Point of interest

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Bayehon valley and waterfall

The wild stream of the Bayehon rises in the High Fens nature reserve near the Signal de Botrange and flows into the Warche below Reinhardstein Castle between Ovifat and Xhoffraix. Together with its various tributaries, the Bayehon drains several square kilo


Downhill ski run at Ovifat

The Ovifat ski run is East Belgium's only downhill skiing centre. It has three runs with slopes ranging from 10 to 80%, four ski lifts, a toboggan run and two mobile snow cannons. People have probably been skiing in Ovifat since the beginning of the 193


Landscapes around Ovifat

On its south-western edge, the High Fens plateau has deep valleys running through it with steep, wooded slopes. From the end of the 19th century, what was originally a deciduous forest was replaced by conifer plantations which promised a better yield, and t


Municipality of Waimes

The municipality of Waimes lies at the heart of the High Fens Nature Park and serves as a gateway to the moor of the same name, where it is possible to explore unique flora and fauna over an area of some 5,400 hectares. Waimes is also a good place to start


Ovifat viewpoint indicator

The Ovifat panorama board is on the terrain of the downhill ski run. When the weather conditions are clear, this location, with its altitude of over 600 metres, affords an excellent view out over the hills of the Ardennes.


Ovifat/Xhoffraix/Longfay - domestic hedges

In the High Fens region, many of the houses are surrounded by hedges which attain a height of up to eight metres and a breadth of almost one metre. They consist mainly of common beech, and serve in particular as protection against wind and bad weather.


Pressure compensation tower at Chôdes

The pressure compensation tower at Chôdes is connected to the reservoir at Robertville by an underground water supply line 5.5 km in length. In accordance with the physical principle of communicating vessels, the water level in the tower remains the s


Reinhardstein Castle

Reinhardstein Castle stands proud on a rock high up above the Warche and can only be reached on foot. Its history goes right back to the year 1354, when Wenzel of Luxembourg gave a certain Reinhard von Weismes permission to build a castle there. As the fami

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