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Reinhardstein Castle


Reinhardstein Castle stands proud on a rock high up above the Warche and can only be reached on foot. Its history goes right back to the year 1354, when Wenzel of Luxembourg gave a certain Reinhard von Weismes permission to build a castle there. As the family von Weismes had no successor, the castle passed into the possession of various families, among them the distinguished Metternichs, who came from the Rhineland, in 1550. However, Louis XIV's troops destroyed Reinhardstein Castle at the end of the 17th century. When Franz-Georg von Metternich-Ochsenhausen sold the castle in 1812, its fate appeared to be sealed. It fell into disrepair and began to be used as a quarry. 150 years later, however, what remained of the construction sparked the enthusiasm of history lover Professor Jean Overloop. He had the castle rebuilt according to mediaeval documents in the 1970s.
Today, once again, Reinhardstein Castle sits enthroned on a spur of rock, every bit as proud as it was in its heyday. In the knights' hall and the other chambers of the castle, magnificent collections of antique furniture, weaponry and tapestries are on show.


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Reinhardstein Castle
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