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Bayehon valley and waterfall


The wild stream of the Bayehon rises in the High Fens nature reserve near the Signal de Botrange and flows into the Warche below Reinhardstein Castle between Ovifat and Xhoffraix. Together with its various tributaries, the Bayehon drains several square kilometres of moorland in the High Fens. Because of that, the water often has a slightly brown colour from the humic acid in the boggy soil. The magnificent Bayehon valley, with its steep slopes, also has numerous hiking and mountain bike routes, which are often rocky. They are among the most beautiful in the region, and have a character that is positively alpine in places. The most notable place in the valley is the Bayehon waterfall, nine metres high. It is Belgium's second largest waterfall and is located right next to the village of Longfaye.


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Bayehon valley and waterfall
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