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Landscapes around Ovifat


On its south-western edge, the High Fens plateau has deep valleys running through it with steep, wooded slopes. From the end of the 19th century, what was originally a deciduous forest was replaced by conifer plantations which promised a better yield, and these also cover the wet and peaty areas of the fen plateau.
For a few years now, certain conifer areas in the Natura 2000 area have been part of a process of clearing and 'renaturalisation', in which deciduous trees are given the opportunity to resettle the open spaces spontaneously. Natura 2000 is a cohesive network of conservation areas in the European Union, which serves to promote the biological diversity of species and habitats.
The villages in the neighbourhood are mostly surrounded by agricultural areas and form clearings in the middle of these woods. Having said that, many of them now only have as few as one or two farmers.


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Landscapes around Ovifat
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