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Muschelkreuz Hausetq(c)Christian Charlier

From the so-called 'shell cross' on the Asteneter Strasse is a great view out over the foothills of the Herver Land to the point where the borders of three countries converge: Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.  

Butter country

The hilly landscape around Hauset is characterised by meadows and pastures. Because of the traditional farming with dairy cattle, the area is also known as the butterländchen ('butter country'). In the village of Hauset, numerous historical buildings have been preserved.

Point of interest

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Hauset viewpoint indicator

The panorama board Hauset is outside the village at the so-called 'shell cross' on the Asteneter Strasse. From there, there is a great view out over the foothills of the Herver Land to the point where the...

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Landscape 'Foothills of the Herver Land'

The Herver Land is in the north of the Province of Liège and marks the transition from the Belgian Ardennes to the Dutch Heuvelland. The hilly landscape is characterised by pastures and orchards, framed in turn...

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Muschelkreuz ('Shell cross')

The 'shell cross' at Prester originates from 1757 and is one of the oldest wayside crosses in the Eupen area. It has a shell-shaped cavity in the middle to thank for its name. The cross probably also served as...

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The Eyneburg was built on a hill high up above the Göhl. It is one of the few hilltop castles in the former Duchy of Limburg. The name Eyneburg or Eyneberghe comes from a family to whom this manor house belonged...

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Prester bridge

The Prester bridge, strikingly painted in red, was built from 2004 to 2007 for the passage of the high-speed train TGV. It is part of the high-speed line between Aachen and Brussels, and with a height of 30 metres and...

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The village of Hauset lies directly on the Belgian-German border. During its history the country to which it belonged has often changed: in the 800 years of its existence, the village has been part of the Duchy of...

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Moresnet: Göhl valley viaduct

With an overall length of 1107 metres and a height of 52 metres, the Göhl valley viaduct spans the Göhl valley near Moresnet. For some time, it was the longest bridge in the Belgian rail network. The viaduct...

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Hammer Bridge and Göhl valley

The 'Hammer Bridge' crosses the Göhl, which rises at the Belgian-German border near Eynatten-Lichtenbusch and flows into the Meuse in the Netherlands near Meerssen. This impressive bridge is named...

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Border country

At the border triangle, the borders of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet. In the times of Neutral-Moresnet, indeed, it wasn't three borders that met here, but four. At the same time, at 323 metres above sea...

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Panoramic view

Vieille-Montagne Museum

The destiny of the village of Kelmis is inseparably associated with zinc ore, which was mined there for centuries. The mining of the ore and the production of zinc were strongly influenced by the Vieille-Montagne...

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Smuggling on the border

It has not always been quite as easy to cross the border between Belgium and Germany as it is today. From the 1950s onwards, the border controls were reduced step by step, until they ceased to apply completely in 1995...