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Border country


At the border triangle, the borders of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet. In the times of Neutral-Moresnet, indeed, it wasn't three borders that met here, but four. At the same time, at 323 metres above sea level, the point where these borders meet is the highest elevation on the mainland of the Low Countries. The Baudouin Tower marks it on the Belgian side. There, a glass elevator takes visitors up to 50 metres. The panoramic view from the lofty platform on the tower enables them to look far out into all three countries. The border triangle is the starting point for many walks. The visitors' centre, built to accommodate the needs of the disabled, has a restaurant, and there is a large playground for the little ones. A hedge labyrinth offers entertainment and pleasure for the whole family.


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Border country
Route des Trois Bornes
4851 Kelmis