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The village of Hauset lies directly on the Belgian-German border. During its history the country to which it belonged has often changed: in the 800 years of its existence, the village has been part of the Duchy of Limburg, France (in the Napoleonic era), Prussia, and then finally the Kingdom of Belgium, into which it was incorporated in 1922. Today, with its green surroundings, Hauset lures many inhabitants from nearby Aachen. Apart from that, the hilly landscape of woods and meadows is an El Dorado for hikers. The historical village centre of Hauset is characterised by numerous buildings in rough stone. And there is also the St. Rochus Chapel, built in 1650 after the end of the great plague epidemic. Like the neo-Gothic Parish Church of St. Rochus, built in 1858, it is dedicated to the patron saint of plague victims. The impressive van Weersth estate from the 18th century, with its rare half-timbered facade, is another jewel in the historical village centre of Hauset.


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