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Hedgerows on the edge of the Hautes Fagnes plateau

Witnesses to bygone eras

In the past, hedges served an important agricultural function. Farmers planted them in the vicinity of villages to delimit fields and create enclosures for livestock. In some areas, such as here around Rocherath, the hedge network took on extensive proportions in the early 20th century. Since the 1970s, the industrialization of agriculture has led to the disappearance of some of these hedges. Today, hedged landscapes are a major component of Europe's cultural and historical landscapes.

Points of interest

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Rocherath-Krinkelt viewpoint indicator

Hedges are an essential part of the landscape around Rocherath and Krinkelt. This panorama board provides important background information on this. The listening tour 'Hydroelectric power, smuggling and the Ardennes offensive' takes you past this vi


Landscape frame 'hedge views'

The landscape frame 'hedge views' invites you to take a look at these very special elements of the Belgian Eifel – the typical hedge landscapes. The two nesting boxes symbolise the protection of endangered species like the tree sparrow.



The idyllic village of Wirtzfeld lies on the Holzwarche at 580-610 m above sea level, and is not far from Bütgenbach Lake. Picturesque hollow ways with avenues of mature trees give character to the outskirts of the village. 

Panoramic view

Wirtzfeld: St. Anne's Parish Church

In the 16th century, today's late Gothic building was built on to the older tower, apparently in place of another edifice that had preceded it. In the 18th century, the Gothic pointed arch windows were transformed into round arches in accordance with th

Panoramic view

Bütgenbach Lake

Bütgenbach Lake, with an area of 120 hectares (300 acres), is the hub of a typical Eifel landscape, surrounded by unadulterated nature, extensive woods, large green stretches and conservation areas. On the shore, there is the Worriken Sports and Leisur


Types of hedge on the fringe of the High Fens

Clipped and cut hedges Clipped hedges are between 1.20 m and 2 m high and seldom thicker than 30 cm. They need to be cut back each year. Those that are not cut annually are thicker and bushier. The main type of undergrowth is whitethorn. It flowers at the


Functions of hedges

Apart from their original function as boundaries, hedges also have other kinds of significance: they influence the micro-climate, provide the livestock with protection against sun, rain and wind – in cold winds there can be a temperature difference of

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This village, which consists of the districts of Rocherath and Krinkelt, is the highest in Belgium, at 650 m above sea level. From north-west to east, it is surrounded by large wooded areas. Rocherath-Krinkelt is part of the German-Belgian High Fens - Eifel


Rocherath: Parish Church of St. John the Baptist

After the large neo-Gothic church dating from 1907 had been completely destroyed by the severe front-line battles of 1944-45, a new place of worship was erected in 1953. When you look at the parish church from outside, you immediately recognise the influenc


Hasselpath memorial

  Second World War memorial Rocherath, in the direction of Wahlerscheid. The way to the memorial of the Second World War is signposted. Tour with information panels. The section of woodland known as the 'Hasselpath' and the nearby

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