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Wirtzfeld: St. Anne's Parish Church


In the 16th century, today's late Gothic building was built on to the older tower, apparently in place of another edifice that had preceded it. In the 18th century, the Gothic pointed arch windows were transformed into round arches in accordance with the tastes of the times.

The entire interior was fitted out with baroque furnishings.

The nave is topped off by a remarkable Gothic reticulated vault. The numerous keystones are an expression of local folklore handicraft. Depictions of a crucifix, an angel at prayer, St. Jacob the Elder in his pilgrim's robe, and several flowers can all be recognised here. The remarkably large keystones of the choir form a contrast to those of the nave in the way they are decorated. The interpretation of the two depictions is unclear.

The group of the Virgin and Child with St. Anne, dating from the 15th century, is a jewel of Gothic woodcarving. This Cologne work depicts the Wirtzfeld parish patron Anne with her daughter Maria and grandson Jesus. The group is mounted in a neo-Gothic niche.

St. Apollonia
St. Apollonia died a martyr's death in 249. The story of her life has two versions. During a violent attack on the Christians, Apollonia was assaulted by a crowd in spite of her irreproachable moral conduct. When she refused to make a sacrifice to the gods, she was struck on the cheek with stones until her teeth fell out. According to another version, an executioner pulled her teeth out one after the other with a pair of pliers. Apart from the martyr's palm and a book, she can also be recognised by her main attribute, a pair of pliers with a tooth. People call on her when they are suffering from toothache.


The organ was installed in 1970 by the Merkstein Organ Builders' Association of St. Willibrord (D). It comprises a great organ, a positive organ and a pedalboard with a total of 14 organ stops.


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Wirtzfeld: St. Anne's Parish Church
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