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Types of hedge on the fringe of the High Fens


Clipped and cut hedges
Clipped hedges are between 1.20 m and 2 m high and seldom thicker than 30 cm. They need to be cut back each year. Those that are not cut annually are thicker and bushier. The main type of undergrowth is whitethorn. It flowers at the beginning of May, mainly on branches that have not been clipped.

Hedges with hedgerow trees
Mainly common beech. At more or less regular intervals, a tree is allowed to grow through the hedge. Another variant is whitethorn hedges with beech trees that are allowed to grow up through them.

Hedges for the protection of housing
Up to 8 m high and 1 m thick. House protection hedges, mostly beech, have served as protection against wind and weather especially in the more elevated Eifel villages.


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Types of hedge on the fringe of the High Fens
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