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Stage 6:
From Burg Reuland to Troisvierges

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From Burg-Reuland to Troisvierges
Bat Tunnel and Panoramas

Embark on this final stage, admiring picturesque panoramas and uncovering the importance of bat preservation.

  17,6 km








Discover the beauty of East Belgium
on your way through nature

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50.194554, 6.136289

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Peckeneck 21, 4790 Burg-Reuland

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Tourist information offices on the stage

TI Reuland-Ouren
Tourist Info Troisvierges

Stage 6

From Burg-Reuland to Troisvierges

Vennbahn_Burgplatz ©ostbelgien.eu

Stage 6

From Burg-Reuland to Troisvierges

The sixth and final stage of the Vennbahn starts in Burg-Reuland, where you make your way towards Lengeler. Here, you'll see the remarkable bat tunnel, which is unfortunately closed to the public. After bypassing the tunnel via a rather challenging hill, you will come across the educational trail on bats, which is worth a closer look. The sixth stage of the Vennbahn is characterised by beautiful panoramas and finally ends in Luxembourg at Troisvierges railway station.

Burg-Reuland: Bat Tunnel and Educational Trail


Burg-Reuland: Bat Tunnel and Educational Trail

The sixth stage of the Vennbahn starts in Burg-Reuland. Shortly after the former station in Lengeler, you reach the second large tunnel of the Vennbahn, but this one can unfortunately not be entered. At this point, you have to climb a short hill. On the Luxembourg side of the Vennbahn tunnel, an educational trail about the rare bat species that have settled in the tunnel awaits you.

Gourmet Break and End of the 6th Stage in Troisvierges

Vennbahn_Troivierges ©ostbelgien.eu

Gourmet Break and End of the 6th Stage in Troisvierges

The restaurant and bike service station nearby the Burgplatz (Castle square) offer ideal conditions for an extensive rest. Only a few kilometres later, you finally reach the destination of the sixth stage of the Vennbahn at Troisvierges station. From here you can take the train back to Aachen via Liège or cycle on to Clervaux in Luxembourg. The use of public transport in Luxembourg is free of charge.


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Safety notice: A few tips for a trouble-free journey

  • Use of the Vennbahn cycling and hiking trail is at your own risk
  • No liability is assumed for any damage resulting from negligence on the part of the user
  • The Vennbahn is only for use by non-motorised traffic (speed limit: 30 km/h, E-bikes: max. 25 km/h, E-Scooter: max. 18 km/h)
  • The respective national Highway Code shall apply
  • The markings and signposting shall always be decisive
  • Always proceed at a controlled speed so that you can avoid any obstacles in good time
  • In case of an accident, call 112 and tell them your location

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The sixth stage of the Vennbahn starts in Burg-Reuland.

The bat tunnel in Huldange and the Weiswampach lakes are among the highlights of the sixth stage of the Vennbahn.