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Your road cycling tours in East Belgium

The right racing bike tour for everyone

Racing bike tours in the Eifel-Ardennes region and East Belgium – that means a really intensive nature experience and countless tours and challenging routes for beginners and more athletic riders. Many of the tours are well known from the Ardennes cycling classics.
Come around and spend your cycling holiday in East Belgium.

Cycling clubs

RSV St.Vith
Eifelbiker Bütgenbach
RSK Eupen
Cyclo Club Helowa Herbesthal-Lontzen-Walhorn
Vélo-Club Kelmis  Vélo-Club Kelmis
Vélo Club Malmedy

Racing bike tours in East Belgium

Far beyond its own borders, East Belgium is known among racing cyclists as an ideal destination for an excursion or holiday. The racing bike has a great tradition in Belgium. There are lots of cycle tours for ambitious riders and leisure cyclists in East Belgium.

Whether you choose a tour through the Our valley near Burg-Reuland, in the border triangle (B-D-L) in the Eifel and Ardennes region around Sankt Vith, through the hilly landscape near Malmedy, through the High Fens, in the hedgerow country around Eupen or in the border triangle between Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands near Kelmis – East Belgium has the right cycle tour for everyone.

These landscapes are the place where you'll find everything that the cyclist's heart could possibly desire. Roads with hardly any traffic, a motley assortment of flat and hilly tours and – the icing on the cake –strength-sapping climbs which are enough to instil respect into anyone, and with which many people are familiar from cycling classics such as 'Liège-Bastogne-Liège'. And all this in a really wonderful spot, spoilt by nature, in the border area between Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Even on a tour of only 60 km, it's possible to travel through at least three countries. On the other hand, anyone who feels like it can turn that into an outing of 200 km.

It's the varied hill landscapes and the good infrastructure coupled with a great range of bicycle-friendly accommodation, restaurants and cafés which make East Belgium a popular destination for athletic cyclists.