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Relaxation and adventure in the heart of untouched nature

Fishing in East Belgium

The outstanding quality of the water is behind the rich biodiversity found in the waters here. Many varieties of fish can be observed. Carps, pikes or rods live in our waters.

Anglers appreciate the outstanding conditions awaiting them at the many water streams. The tranquil lakes and ponds in idyllic settings, often surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes, offer pure relaxation. Here, you are welcome to throw your line, enjoy the fresh air and wait for a nice catch.

In East Belgium, the fishing season starts on the 3rd Saturday in March. Fishing is allowed from one hour before official sunrise to one hour after official sunset. Night fishing is the exception. In East Belgium, carp fishing is allowed during the carp weekends* of the fishing league “Ligue Royale des Pëcheurs de l’Est”. Fishing is then only allowed from the banks from one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise. All fish must be immediately and freely released into the water.

* mandatory registration: www.lrpe.be

Brochure “Fishing”


Everything you need to know about permits, bans, associations, events and much, much more has been compiled in this brochure. All the stream courses, lakes and ponds are listed on the general map. There are also tips, addresses and details of fishing permits and the species of fish native to this area. Be amazed by the variety of the water region of East Belgium.

> download the brochure for free (only available in German, French and Dutch)

Fishing permits – general

Anyone wishing to fish in East Belgium in a lake or stream will require the fishing permit of the Walloon region. In addition, you need the fishing permit of the organisation holding the fishing rights for the respective stream or lake. Fishing permits for the lakes of Bütgenbach and Robertville and the Warche, Holzwarche and Weser are issued by the angling division “Ligue Royale des Pêcheurs de l’Est”.

Fishing licence from 2021 only online

From 2021, fishing licences will only be available online in the Walloon Region. From January, the 62,500 fishermen will be invited to apply for their licence only via www.permisdepeche.be. The site and all information are available in the three national languages. The prices for fishing licences will remain unchanged.

Please note! This does not apply to private fish ponds.

Usual fisching permits:

A 1-year permit / from the banks with a maximum of 2 rods €12,39
B 1-year permit / from the banks or in the water, all fishing methods €37,18
J 1-year permit / young people under 15 years free
T 14 consecutive days / from the banks or in the water, all fishing methods €25

Only available at www.permisdepeche.be.

In addition, you require the fishing permit of the organisation holding the fishing rights for the respective stream / lake.

Fishing permits at lakes (Bütgenbach, Robertville), Warche, Holzwarche, Weser

1-year permit Adults (18+) €75
  Young persons & disabled persons €60

2 weeks consecutive €45
1 week   €35
2 days consecutive €20
1 day*   €15

* valid only from the 1st Saturday of June

Fishing permit of the Ligue Royale des Pêcheurs de l’Est / www.lrpe.be available from:
+32 479 86 10 95
Tourist Info
Marktplatz 1, 4750 Bütgenbach
T +32 80 86 47 23
Worriken 1, 4750 Bütgenbach
T +32 80 44 69 61
Eupens Bunter Shop
Schilsweg 63, 4700 Eupen
T +32 87 55 71 91
Maison Adam-Minet
Rue Neuve 29, 4960 Malmedy
T +32 80 33 08 34
Tourist Info
Rue Centrale 53, 4950 Robertville
T +32 80 44 64 75

Fishing permit Our (Schönberg)

1-year permit   €25
1 week   €10
1 day   €5
  children (11-18 years) - 50 %
Available from:
Hopper Shop
K.-F. Schinkelstraße 1a
4782 Schönberg
T +32 80 33 80 33

Fishing permit Our (Ouren)

1-year permit   €75
1 month   €25
2 weeks consecutive €20
1 week   €13
1 day   €3
Available from:
Tourist Info 
Von-Orley-Straße 24
4790 Burg-Reuland
T +32 80 32 91 31

Fishing permit Amel (Ligneuville)

ONLY for hotel guests with fishing permit for the Walloon region
1 day Fly fishing €40
Available from:
Hôtel du Moulin
Grand Rue 28
4960 Ligneuville 
T +32 80 57 00 81

Fishing permit Ulf (Burg-Reuland)

ONLY for hotel guests with fishing permit for the Walloon region
Hotel Ulftaler Schenke
Lindenallee 65
4790 Burg-Reuland
T +32 80 32 97 67

Species of fish in East Belgium

Educational trail about fish

Since 2010 there has been an educational trail on the topic of fish at Robertville dam. All the species of fish living in the reservoir are described on 7 display boards. The educational trail goes right round the reservoir, starting at the "Pont de Haelen" (bridge at Hotel des Bains) and ending at the dam wall.

Fish farming & fish processing operations

The region is also famous for its many artisanal fish farms, well-known for their high-quality products. The processing of the trout is an important activity of the region. Indeed, the trout is a local produce found on the menu of many restaurants.

Pisciculture Mathonet
Borgueuse Hé 1, 4960 Pont (Malmedy)
T +32 80 57 00 40
All types of trout. Fish farming, processing  and smoking. Visits on prior request.
Fischzucht Ourtal
Quart, Weweler 40, 4790 Burg-Reuland
T +32 80 39 85 48 / +32 80 22 79 92
Salmon trout, river trout, rainbow trout.
Fish farming, processing and smoking.
Visits on request. Restaurant.
La Truite d’Ondenval
Rue St Donat 26, 4950 Waimes-Ondenval
T +32 80 67 92 75
Rainbow trout. Fish smoking and processing
Direct sale.